I’m ENGAGED….finally!

This year, I got the very best Christmas present off my life. An engagement ring!

On Christmas Eve, just before Jose and I were heading over to his sister’s house for the big family party, he gave me a BIG box. I couldn’t figure out what it would be. Inside that box was a medium-sized wrapped box. I started getting excited and ripped open that box only to find a really small wrapped box within that one. Okay, now I’m holding in girly squeals I wasn’t even aware I could make. I shredded that box open and inside was a Helzberg box. And within that pretty purple box was my ring! My engagement ring! Yesssssssssssss.

I turned around – jumping up and down – calmed myself and then waiting expectantly before putting that sucker on my finger. He asked so nonchalant (just like him!)…will you marry me? Of course, I said yes. I’ve been waiting nearly three years for this baby. (We’ve been dating four years.)

Of course when we arrived at his family’s house he got a phone call for work and had to leave before he even went inside. So, I just had to tell his parents. His parents turned into his aunt…then his sister…then his other aunt…then his brother and his brother’s wife. Once Jose finally came back, we told the whole family in a super-embarrassing display. I was clammy and red as a lobster. I’m so glad it’s all captured on videotape. That night definitely provided me with a major deodorant fail…

I was so excited that night, but I’m more excited now that we started planning a wedding in Florida at the aquarium. Take me there now!

So, *ahem* #9. Get Engaged!



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