2012 Bucket List

It may be a little early to be starting up with my New Years resolutions but hey, I never claimed to do things in a normal fashion. My goal is to accomplish all of these little goals by December 31, 2012. Of course, I’m assuming the world doesn’t end before then…

1. Get a fish pedicure.
2. Go ice skating downtown.
3. Plant an outdoor vegetable garden.
4. Try a new food with my dad.
5. Lose 10lbs!
6. Watch the sun set.
7. Read 100 books.
8. Go skydiving!
9. Get engaged…
10. Go to Margaritaville at the Navy Pier
11. Make snacks for the animals during the winter months.
12. Make my own tea.
13. Write in my journal every day for a month.
14. Throw a huge costume party for Halloween!
15. Go to the Planetarium in Chicago.
16. Go on a road trip.
17. Get Mr. Man’s mom flowers.
18. Take Mr. Man to the Signature Room for dinner and drinks
19. Stay downtown Chicago for a night
20. Keep a diet journal.
21. Stick with Jillian’s 30 day shred…for 30 days!
22. Learn tarot cards.
23. Try 25 [more] types of beer.
24. Spend New Years Eve somewhere other than my living room.
25. Go cave-ing.
26. Eat a bacon chocolate bar.
27. Go kayaking.
28. Make a snow fort for my dogs!
29. Go ATVing!
30. Go on a vacation just Mr. Man and I ❀
31. Eat a rambutan.
32. Try HONEY whiskey.
33. Go ice skating.
34. Try Absinthe!
35. Go to a blues bar
36. Indoor rock climb.
37. Go to a dinner theater!
38. Brew my own beer.
39. Go to a country concert!
40. Drink milk from a coconut
41. Visit the Grand Canyon
42. Go to a skating rink
43. Feed a deer a cracker from my mouth [at the Wisconsin Deer Park]
44. Go Zorbing!!!!
45. Monster truck rally.
46. Learn how to drive a tow truck
47. Go snowmobiling.
48. Jet ski in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
49. Make a snowman.
50. Go to a comedy show.
51. Go sledding!
52. Make cake balls!
53. Try Bakon vodka.
54. Get a tan during the summer…
55. Be romantic, just once. It probably won’t kill me.
56. Add 6 more shot glasses to my collection.
57. Go to Six Flags amusement park
58. Take a picture on the Skydeck in Chicago
59. Smoke a hookah.
60. Try bubble tea!
61. Go on the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier with Mr. Man (July 4, 2012!)
62. Try 8 kinds of “exotic” chocolate.
63. Visit Shawnee National forest
64. Eat a persimmon.
65. Have a picnic at Starved Rock
66. See a real reindeer at Hardy’s Ranch
67. Swim with a beluga whale.
68. Take a picture of the elk in Elk Grove Village
69. Try pepper vodka.
70. Have a drink at the Mars Cheese Castle
71. Eat fried pickles with Mr. Man
72. Feed an alligator
73. Pet a baby Clydesdale at Larson’s
74. Go horse back riding with Mr. Man!
75. Go to the Wisconsin State Fair
76. Visit Wildlife Prairie State Park
77. Feed an elk.
78. Enjoy fish fry and beer at The Old Fashioned
79. Go to dinner and a movie at Muvico
80. Surprise someone.
81. Create my own signature cocktail.
82. Eat a fresh guava.
83. Get 1000 followers on my blog.
84. Stargaze
85. Swim in Lake Michigan
86. Try pizza beer.
87. Bungee jump
88. Watch 52 movies
89. Revamp my wardrobe.
90. Try 1 restaurant that was on Diners, Drive In’s, and Dives.
91. Attend a yoga class
92. Ride a mechanical bull
93. Take pictures in a photo booth
94. Visit my brother at college
95. Visit Lincoln Park Zoo
96. Walk around the “hidden garden” in Lincoln Park
97. Take 25 [good] pictures of Mr. Man and I
98. Eat a kiwano melon.
99. Decorate my office
100. Get a custom blog layout…

Wish me luck! Please…



  1. KY says:

    I love these! I put together a 30 before 30 around this time last year and I haven't accomplished anything off of it – thanks for the inspiration to get my buns in gear!!!!

    Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday and 2012!!!!


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