Bucket List: 114 in 2014

[Yup, we are at it again!]
This is our totally random bucket list of all the small – and large – goals for 2014.  
I have a good feeling about this year!

1. go to a Blackhawks game (1-5)
2. go snorkeling in the Bahamas (1-21)
3. swim with pigs (1-21 & 1-24…we got lucky!)
4. feed wild sting rays (1-21)
5. find a giant starfish (1-21)
6. swim with manatees (5-11)
7. find a sand dollar on the beach
8. drink out of a coconut
9. get a drink from a swim up bar
10. watch a sunrise
11. touch a beluga whale at the Shedd
12. get hitched
13. have our first dance
14. travel to Bora Bora
15. snorkel with humpback whales
16. see dolphins in the wild
17. swim with dolphins
18. snorkel with sharks
19. stay in an over-water bungalow
20. dance without being self-conscious
21. have a successful vegetable garden
22. make the fiance try fried bologna (and fried pb&j)
23. make a date night book and complete every single one
24. go on a roadtrip
25. take a photo with a sea lion
26. go on a spontaneous trip
27. hold a monkey
28. go zorbing
29. go cave-ing
30. infuse vodka
31. howl with a wolf
32. eat a sundae at Margie’s
34. write each other letters
35. go for a drive with no destination
36. drink early morning coffee in our backyard
37. mini golf!
38. go to Muvico
39. let Ken win me a prize at a carnival
40. have penguins attend our wedding
41. throw a pool party
42. brew our own whiskey
43. take a picture with the giant Bean in Grant Park (with Peanut!)
44. have a candlelit dinner on the beach (1-22)
45. share a milkshake
46. drink Cuban coffee
47. see an eagle ray
48. go to a whiskey bar
49. go to a Chicago Bears game
50. do a zipline course
51. go on a casino boat
52. make someone a [meaningful] mix tape – er CD
53. get a massage on the beach
54. stargaze (1-22)
55. take a photography class
56. stay at the 5-star Peninsula in Chicago
57. check out the chocolate bar at the Pen
58. see an eel whilst snorkeling 🙂
59. go on a Chicago ghost tour
60. kayak down the Chicago river
61. give a Rhinoceros a bubble bath
62. go on a picnic
63. kiss underwater
64. carve pumpkins
65. buy our dream house
66. skydive!
67. snorkel in a fresh water spring
68. drink a Tabu in Bora Bora
69. drink in Hinano in Tahiti
70. get our 2014 hikers badge
71. go shooting
72. lose 10 pounds. seriously.
73. get doughnuts from the Doughnut Vault
74. get 1000 followers on Twitter
75. go to Howl At The Moon (and order a bucket of booze!)
76. go to a concert
77. adopt a dog
78. have a pool in our backyard
79. make a scrapbook
80. go on an ATV tour in Moorea
81. buy a Tahitian pearl
82. see a pineapple plantation – and then try pineapple jam
83. skinny dip
84. eat a passion fruit (and a guava!) in a place they are grown
85. jump into a pool fully clothed
86. swim in an infinity pool
87. have a super hero movie marathon and not feel guilty about it!
88. have seen over 100 species of fish
89. hold a brittle star
90. watch the sunset from The Signature Room
91. visit a local brewery
92. go to the zoo
93. smoke a Dominican cigar in the DR
94. feed a sting ray
95. have a drink at The Southern
96. go to the Indiana Dunes
97. teach Junior (our dog) how to swim
98. drink Kalik beer
99.  pet a white tiger cub
100. have a photo shoot!
101. visit the Florida Aquarium
102. visit Tampa’s Lowry Zoo
103. make 14 different kinds of pancakes
104. get awesome tans
105. have a perfect honeymoon
106. surprise one another
107. go strawberry picking
108. make a gingerbread house
109. get a cupcake from More
110. race a turtle at Big Joe’s
111. drink a Sands beer
112. get at least 2 more stamps in my passport
113. complete our GoodReads Challenges
114. get 1000 followers on our blog



  1. Jenna says:

    I always love reading your bucket lists, Jess. very inspiring!!

    can’t wait to read about all of these neat items….especially the cocktail infusions and manatees 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jessi says:

      Thanks! I am glad you like them. I am always trying to remind myself, small things are sometimes the best things and these yearly lists help me experience it all. Or try to.

      I will be posting the manatee swim post once Ken gets to downloading the GoPro videos. It’s new to us. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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