Infinity Bucket List

1. tan on a nude beach
2. go on a camping trip
3. ride in a hot air balloon
4. kiss in the rain
5. watch baby turtles hatch
6. learn how to use chopsticks
7. go snorkeling
8. learn how to play chess
9. celebrate mardi gras in new orleans
10. drink coffee in Seattle
11. ride an elephant
12. drive on route 66
13. go parasailing
14. dance with my dad at my wedding
15. kiss someone at midnight on New Years Eve
16. go ice skating in Chicago
17. volunteer at an animal shelter
18. ride in a helicopter
19. pilot a plane
20. jump off a waterfall
21. white water raft
22. go skinny dipping
23. stay at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas
24. drive a motorcycle
25. drive stick shift
26. go on a cruise
27. go on a safari
28. get married
29. stay in an over water bungalow in Bora Bora
30. pick out a Christmas tree
31. rock climb
32. go to Disney world
33. wear a pair of thigh high boots without feeling like a hooker
34. eat a dragon fruit
35. thread my eyebrows
36. smoke a cigar
37. have a picnic
38. milk a cow
39. swim with manatees
40. see the northern lights
41. learn how to bartend
42. make a gingerbread house
43. stay at a bed and breakfast
44. take a picture with a tiger
45. have my own pin-up photoshoot
46. cliff jump
47. hold a koala
48. stay in a tree house
49. ride a horse on the beach
50. do a zipline course
51. visit the mall of America
52. cage dive with sharks
53. visit all 50 states
54. spend an entire day watching Disney movies
55. go to the Jack Daniel’s distillery
56. learn how to do things to my hair
57. learn 6 different eye shadow styles
58. do the polar plunge
59. attend the Taiwan lantern festival
60. read Dante’s Inferno
61. visit Stone Henge
62. see the Niagra Falls
63. visit Times Square in New York City
64. have my book published
65. crowd surf at a concert
66. make a blanket fort
67. donate blood
68. jump off a waterfall
69. go whale watching
70. eat lobster in Maine
71. learn how to ballroom dance
72. go to bathhouse row in Arkansas
73. swim with a dolphin
74. go to an NFL football game
75. go on a wolf tour in New Mexico
76. ride in a dune buggie
77. visit Yellowstone National Park
78. go to a Redwood Forest
79. see a cactus in the desert
80. go camping
81. experience zero gravity
82. get hypnotized
83. jump into a pool fully clothed
84. attend a comicon event
85. go to the top of the Eiffel tower
86. see the Blue Man Group
87. go RV-ing
88. visit the Taj Mahal
89. bathe in a natural hot spring
90. have sex 28 days in a row
91. see the Cirque de Soleil
92. hold a tarantula
93. get a henna tattoo
94. visit a real castle
95. ride a gondola in Venice
96. learn to speak Spanish
97. drive a monster truck
98. go to a burlesque show
99. see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway or in a theatre
100. volunteer at a wild animal sanctuary
101. start a fire without matches
102. write in my journal every day for a year
103. climb to the top of a lighthouse
104. touch a Beluga whale at the Shedd Aquarium
105. go indoor rock climbing
106. see dolphins in the wild
107. swim in the ocean
108. go to Sea World
109. go to Disney World
110. go to a casino
111. try absinthe
112. have a super hero movie marathon and not feel guilty about it!
113. sit in a outdoor hot tub while it’s snowing
114. be the kind of friend I would want to have
115. smoke a hookah
116. go to a chocolate spa
117. go cherry picking in Traverse City, Michigan
118. visit a rain forest
119. swim in an infinity pool
120. stay at a hotel with a swim-up bar
121. go to Heaven’s Trail, Ireland for my birthday
122. go some where I can wear a gown


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