The Great Big Animal Bucket List

White Tiger Cub Playtime

      1.  Swim with dolphins
2.  Swim with dolphins in the wild
3.  Watch baby turtles hatch
4.  Ride an elephant
5.   Pet a lion cub
6.  Pet a tiger cub
7.  Feed a sting ray
8.  Kiss a sting ray
10.  Walk a lion
11.  Walk a cheetah
12.      Volunteer at an animal shelter
13.   Milk a cow
14.  Swim with manatees
15.  Hold a koala
17.  Snorkel with Humpback whales
18.  Snorkel with dolphins
19.  Swim with sharks
20.  Take a picture with an adult tiger
21.  Go whale watching
22.    Hold a giant starfish
24.    Cage dive with sharks
25.    Volunteer at a wild animal sanctuary
26.    Hold a wild baby bunny
27.  Get a dolphin kiss
28.  Hold a tarantula
29.  Hold a big snake
30.   Have a turtle race
31.  Go on a whale shark dive
32.    Hold a nurse shark
33.    Swim with sea turtles
34.    Hold a baby sea turtle
35.    Feed a white rhino
36.    Horseback ride on the beach
37.    Touch a penguin
38.    Feed a wild iguana
39.     Go conch diving
40.    Photography tour with wolves
41.  Adopt a dog
42.  Have a pet rat
43.    Kiss a sea lion
44.    Snorkel with penguins
45.    Hold an alligator
46.    Feed an ostrich
47.    Hold a bear cub
48.    Swim with a school of fish
49.    Feed a giraffe
50.    Ride on a camel
51.   Touch a wallaby at the Cincinnati Zoo
52.    Give an elephant a bath at the Cincinnati Zoo
53.    Bathe a rhino at the Cincinnati Zoo
54.    Feed a deer a cracker out of your mouth
55.    Hold a monkey
56.  Ride a donkey
57.  Hold a baby Clydesdale
58.    Adopt a Potcake
59.  See a manta ray
60.  See an eagle ray
61.  See over 100 different fishes
62.    Hold a seahorse
63.    See wild ponies on Assateague Island
64.    Swim face-to-face with a crocodile
65.    Dive for a starfish
66.     Swim with jelly fish
67.    Hold a sea otter
68.    Foster a pet
69.     Go on a safari
70.    Feed a goat
71.  Get a photo with a bear at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
72.    See a moose in the wild
73.    See a blue iguana
74.    Go wildlife spotting in a national park
75.    Get a pet chinchilla
76.    Go on a glass bottom boat alligator tour
77.    See an octopus in the ocean
78.    Do a sundowner safari in Oklahoma
79.  Take a picture with a liger
80.  Hold a hedgehog
81.  Volunteer at a zoo
82.  See a barracuda
83.    See a giant clam in the ocean
84.    Go to the San Diego zoo
85.    Pet a sloth
86.    Take a photo with a snow leopard
87.  Hold a prairie dog
88.    Feed a big cat
89.  Swim with a tiger
90.  Swim with a gator
91.  See a wolf in the wild
92.    Hold a lemur
93.     Ride on a dolphin’s fin
94.    Go clam digging
95.    See a coral reef
96.     Shear a sheep
97.    See wild horses
98.     See a marine iguana
99.     See a Galapagos fur seal
100.     See a crab eating its prey
101.  Hold a gibbon
102.  Howl with a wolf
103.  Get a camel kiss
104.  Pet a white lion
105.  Feed a toucan from your teeth
106.  Pet a bearcat
107.  Pet an owl
108.  Feed a fox
109.  Pet a kinkajou
110.  Feed a porcupine
What’s on your bucket list?


  1. Jenna says:

    swim with jellyfish!? ah, no thanks!! 😉

    I would LOVE to take a photo with a baby white tiger cub though. but where can I do that?


    • Jessi says:

      We swam with stinger-less jellyfish in Turks and Caicos. It was really neat, but unfortunately they were so tiny and translucent we didn’t capture many photos of them.

      Funny that you ask about tiger cubs, I am currently working on a list of zoos that offer amazing animal encounters in the US. So stay tuned!


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