The Boozey Bucket List



1.  Make my own whiskey

2.  Make my own rum

3.  Brew beer

4.  Make Jello shots

5.  Infuse vodka

5.  Make Skittles vodka

6.  Make bitters

7.  Infuse fruit with alcohol

8.  Cook a dish with alcohol

9.  Make a boozy dessert

10.  Create a signature shot

11.  Invent a signature cocktail

12.  Make molecular cocktails

13.  Make vodka gummie bears (and eat all of them)

14.  Make drunken melon balls

15.  Make a truly hot pink drink

16.  Invent a delicious beertail

17.  Bake some drunken cupcakes

18.  Make bacon infused whiskey

19.  Concoct alcoholic ice cream

20.  Infuse moonshine

21.  Drink a shot of Malort

22.  Try absinthe

23.  Drink a flaming shot

24.  Have a drink in a coconut

25.  Do a body shot

26.  Keg stand!

27.  Try every flavor of Pinnacle

28.  Drink moonshine

29.  Drink chili beer

30.  Drink a beer from every state

31.  Have a shot that contains raw egg

32.  Drink tequila shots out of Himalayan Salt glasses

33.  Drink sake

34.  Try pizza beer

35.  Have a drink in a glass made of ice

36.  Try bacon vodka

37.  Try salmon vodka

38.  Drink ouzo

39.  Eat the worm out of a tequila bottle

40.  Do a shot off of an ice luge

41.  Try vodka whipped cream

42.  Smoke a cigar and pair it with scotch

43.  Buy an expensive bottle of booze

44.  Go to bartending school

45.  Go to a whiskey bar

46.  Build a home bar

47.  Go wine tasting

48.  Enjoy a drink at a swim up bar

49.  Tour the bourbon trail

50.  Visit a local brewery

51.  Have an interactive cocktail experience

52.  Have a drink at an ice bar

53.  Go to the Stone Brewery

54.  Go to a gin bar

55.  Go to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery

56.  Go to Miller Brewery

57.  Go to the Guiness Brewery

58.  Go to the Jameson Distillery

58.  Go to the real Octoberfest

59.  Go to a craft brew festival

60.  Make a booze-infused milkshake

61.  Make my own moonshine

62.  Purchase a bottle of alcohol strictly because it’s in a cool bottle

63.  Build an awesome shot glass collection

64.  Build an awesome pint glass collection

65.  Try ice wine

66. Drink strawberry wine

…more to come!





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