Tails from Punta Cana

To anyone who has seen our vacation pictures, or recent blog posts, it should come as no surprise that Jessi is a huge animal lover.  Our vacations just wouldn’t feel complete without some sort of animal encounter, from feeding stingrays and holding baby sea turtles in Grand Cayman to swimming with pigs in the Bahamas. Heck most of the time Jess decides she wants to go somewhere based on what exotic animal she can touch.  Unfortunately for us we had no such plan for our most recent trip to Punta Cana.  Actually for the first time ever we had no planned excursions, as we were traveling with another couple and they just aren’t the “excursion type.”

So after two days of doing nothing but relaxing at the beach with my feet in the sand or at the resort pool the idea of an animal encounter was the furthest thing from my mind, but low and behold as I looked up from my pool chair what do I see but two guys walking by the pool area holding a squirrel monkey.  “Jess!!! A MONKEY!” was all I was able to get out before she literally launched herself from her pool chair and ran toward the guys with the monkey.  As it turns out they work for the resort and twice a week bring the monkey out for pictures with the tourists (with their camera only of course.)

Now the pictures don’t even come close to showing the child-like joy on Jessi’s face as she was handed this tiny monkey.  It is however the same look she gets every time she gets to touch some wild animal (I will post more animal encounter pictures soon.)  As she posed for pictures with the monkey, the handler placed the monkey on her shoulder and it immediately climbed on to the top of her head, making for a great picture.

Honestly, the little guy climbed up there on his own!

After a few more pictures I got my chance to hold it and I couldn’t believe how light the little guy was!  After a couple of shots with both Jess and I the handlers moved on to others.  Needless to say this made our day and our vacation was now complete.

They made me pose like this, so hold back the laughter!





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  2. Jenna says:

    awe that little guy is so adorable!

    I think I would have “launched” myself out of the pool at it too. screw sunning myself at that point lol 😉


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