2013 Bucket List

1. get a fish pedicure
2. visit the Hancock observatory (3/29/13)
3. go skydiving!
4. drive around Lake Michigan
5. go Zorbing!
6. have drinks at the Signature Room on the 96th floor of the Hancock(2/2/2013)
7. try Absinthe (3/3/2013)
8. take a picture on the Willis Tower Skydeck (1/23/2013)
9. go camping
10. visit the Brookfield Zoo
11. learn how to use chopsticks
12. learn how to play chess
13. go indoor rock climbing
14. sit in an outdoor hot tub while it’s snowing
15. kiss someone at midnight on New Year’s Eve
16. smoke a hookah
17. surprise someone
18. take a picture with a BIG snake (3/3/2013)
19. be romantic, just once. it probably won’t kill me…
20. visit the Adler Planetarium (1/23/2013)
21. go cave-ing
22. watch the sun set (3/29/13)
23. slow dance with someone special
24. go on a roadtrip
25. stay up all night and watch the sun rise
26. make a snowman (1/26/2013)
27. get a spa facial
28. buy an expensive pair of pumps
29. go to a Chicago Wolves game(2/20/13)
30. go to a Blackhawks game
31. touch a Beluga whale at the Shedd Aquarium
32. eat flaming cheese in Greektown (1/23/2013)
34. do the Polar Plunge
35. try sashimi
36. have a beer at the Landshark beer garden at Navy Pier
37. go to a White Sox game
38. milk a cow
39. escape to a cute little bed & breakfast
40. go ATVing
41. go to a dinner theater
42. brew my own beer
43. take a picture with the giant Bean in Grant Park (with Peanut!)
44. have a drink at the Mars Cheese Castle (2/17/2013)
45. go horse back riding
46. Miller Brewery Tour
47. eat alligator (3/3/2013)
48. thread my eyebrows
49. go to a Chicago Bears game
50. do a zipline course
51. go on a casino boat
52. make someone a [meaningful] mix tape – er CD
53. dye my hair bright red
54. stay at the Hardrock Hotel (2/2/2013)
55. go to the Jack Daniel’s distillery
56. stay at the 5-star Peninsula in Chicago
57. check out the chocolate bar at the Pen
58. get a drink at the Margaritaville Chicago (1/23/2013)
59. go on a Chicago ghost tour
60. kayak down the Chicago river
61. get another tattoo
62. kiss underwater
63. get out of debt!
64. get all dolled up and go on a fancy date!
65. take more risks
66. make a blanket fort (2/22/2013)
67. stay in a 5-star hotel
68. drink moonshine
69. spend an entire day snuggling
70. eat an ugli fruit
71. go to an ice bar
72. drink a flaming shot
73. get doughnuts from the Doughnut Vault
74. go on a random Groupon weekend getaway
75. go to Howl At The Moon (and order a bucket of booze!)
76. Visit Wildlife Prairie State Park
77. have brunch and mimosas at Hamburger Mary’s
78. jet ski in Lake Geneva, WI
79. eat a sundae at Margie’s Candies
80. go hiking at Starved Rock
81. ride a mechanical bull
82. do something that makes me anxious
83. get 1000 followers on my blog
84. stargaze
85. try pizza beer
86. see the Blue Man Group (3/2/13)
87. eat a tequila worm
88. take pictures at the Buckingham Fountain (at night!)
89. try fried ice cream
90. have sex 20 days in a row (TMI, I know!)
91. have dinner in Little Italy (2/2/2013)
92. hold a tarantula
93. kiss at the top of the Navy Pier ferris wheel
94. try one of the Food Network’s Top 5 Most decadent desserts (2/6/2013)
95. visit 10 local breweries (2/10)
96. write in my journal for an entire month
97. lose 10lbs – and keep it off!
98. watch the sun set in the Cayman Islands (4/26/2013)
99. go parasailing
100. go on vacation with someone special (4/25/2013)

101. try 12 kinds of exotic chocolate
102. touch a sting ray (4/27/2013)

103. hold a sea turtle (4/26/2013)

104. go horse back riding on the beach (4/26/2013)

105. get a passport (3/6/2013)
106. jet ski in the ocean (4/27/2013)

107. go to King Spa
108. grab a hot dog at Gold Coast Dogs (3/29/13)
109. get a cupcake from More
110. race a turtle at Big Joe’s
111. splash around the Crown fountain in Millennium Park
112. make a scrapbook


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