Bucket List: Blackhawks Game

It may not be apparent to people reading this, but to anyone  who knows me (or to anyone who has seen the collection of memorabilia in the basement) it comes as no surprise that I’m a huge Chicago Blackhawks fan.  I’ve been following the Blackhawks since I was a little kid, even though it was tough to be a fan during the early 2000’s when you almost couldn’t give away tickets to a game.  So when the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2010 and again in 2013, lets just say I was more than a little excited.

Having been to many hockey games over the years, it must come as a surprise that I’ve never sat close to the glass.  I usually sit in the upper nose-bleed seats to save some money, telling myself that the view is just as good from up there (apparently I’m good at convincing myself.)  Even though one thing on my bucket list is to sit on the glass for a Blackhawks game, I’ve yet to do so, mainly due to the cost as well as the difficulty in obtaining tickets due to the resurgence of the Hawk’s popularity (ok it’s mainly the cost!!)

Well this last Christmas Jessi decided to get me tickets to a Blackhawks game…not only tickets but third row tickets!!! Not only were these third row, but they were basically center ice, right up against the penalty box.  For those who don’t follow hockey, these are damn near the closest you can get to center and still be close to the ice.  Not bad for our first Blackhawks game together, and her first Blackhawks game ever!  Now I mentioned that this was a Christmas present, however Jess was so excited by the sheer awesomeness of the gift that she couldn’t wait until Christmas…in fact she waited exactly 2 1/2 minutes after I walked in the door after work the day she bought the tickets to tell me.  Now we just had to wait for the game.

As game day grew closer I felt myself getting more exited almost by the minute.  Considering how many games I’ve been to over the years the fact that I was getting excited day and even weeks before shows you how much I was looking forward to this game.  The days ticked by slowly but eventually it was game day so I donned my much loved Patrick Kane jersey while Jess borrowed my Blackhawks hoodie (one of many I should add.)  Apparently she didn’t want to wear one of my 5 jerseys…I may have a sickness ;-).  Walking into the United Center and walking to our section my excitement grew to the point I was almost giddy.  Then we walked to our seats and if I’m not mistaken I took one look around and said “holy shit!”

Best seats I EVER had at ANY hockey game, including minor league games.  As the game started I realized what I had been missing sitting up high, down near the glass the game seems a hundred times faster, rougher…hell just all around better.

Now I wish I could say that this was close enough to satisfy my bucket list goal of sitting on the glass, but all it did was convince me that I have to do it just once, no matter the cost.  I may even bring Jess.



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