No-Chips Over Here

Yeah, no-chip nail polish is my chosen topic after my longer-than-I-can-recall hiatus…

Give me a break, okay?  I need to get back into the groove.

I haven’t been up to a whole lot of really interesting stuff in the past 2 years.    I am too lazy to write about anything other than my fun no-chip manicures I have gotten in the past few weeks.

I first tried no-chip a year and a half ago after my manicurist talked me into doing so.  I had heard about Shellac and the OPI gel stuff.  Call me clueless, but it hadn’t appealed to me.  Although, in my line of work regular nail polish only lasted half of a day before I got a chip.  And then I bit my nails.  Viscous cycle.

All it took was my first no-chip manicure to convince me I could say goodbye to regular old nail polish.  I was hooked!  My nails grew and I really had no chips for 2 whole weeks.

(grey with shimmer-french)

I will admit I foolishly watched a YouTube video on removing the no-chip gel at home.  After a trip to Walgreens and a mess – not mention strange looks from Mr. Man for having foil fingers I decided it was easier to have the pros do it for a couple bucks or, better yet, just re-do them every 2 weeks.

My nails are long, healthy, and strong now.  I rarely break a nail and they never chip.  Not even after doing the dishes or using nail polish remover on my toes.

Where has this crap been all my life?

Typically, I go for french or whatever new color I see among the hundreds of colors my salon has.  But thanks to Pinterest I have been inspired to try a few new more…funky…styles lately.  I am told they can do anything they can do with regular nail polish with no-chip.

And now I am in trouble!

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