Travel Bugs

April of last year, I went on my dream vacation.  Yes, at 24 I thought I had went on the most amazing vacation ever.  I had been daydreaming about it since I had seen it on the Travel channel 4 years prior.  The best part?  It wasn’t even the destination we had been planning on.

The [now] fiance and I…I know, I am very behind with updates…had decided we wanted to head down to the Florida Keys for a long weekend.  Prices seemed to be rising every time we sat down to plan.  Just for fun, I looked up the cost of a few days in Grand Cayman.  WHAT?!  Cheaper than Key West?

It didn’t take much convincing the boyfriend that this was a much better option.  Swimming with sting rays.  Need I say more?  30 minutes later my dream vacation was booked.

I spent 2 months waiting to get on the plane and after what seemed like the longest plane ride of my life, we were there.  It truly was paradise with its crystalline waters of that intensely bright blue.  I had never seen water like that.  Daytona Beach had been my family vacation destination more often than not.  We have family there.  Don’t judge.  It beat the heck out of Chicago.  I digress.

Our time there ended much too quickly and as I sat on the plane headed home I realized we had created a monster.

We had both just had the best vacation of our lives…so far.  And Ken began to appreciate my beloved beach vacation.  Just as I had said, it doesn’t mean lying on a beach towel getting a sunburn.  Who would have thunk it?  I was right.

Since then, we have had the travel bug.  Bugs.  Lots of bugs.  I find that we are daydreaming – if not planning – our next vacation on our plane rides home.

Fort Myers in June for my birthday.  Then it was Turks & Caicos in October.  And although that was more of a fail, we still want to wander.  We will forever be chasing more of our Grand Cayman vacation.

This weekend, we leave for the Bahamas.  Great Exuma, to be exact.  No, we couldn’t be like everyone else and visit Nassau.  We wanted an out island complete with swimming pigs, sharks, and well, all-inclusive awesomeness at the Sandals resort.  What?  You expected me to say we were living it up for a week true Out Island style in a hut complete with a mosquito net?  I’m too much of a brat for that.  And luckily for me, so is the fiance.

2013 was an amazing year for me.  Not just because of traveling, but also because I found the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with.  I didn’t think it could get any better but I think 2014 might just have it beat.

Let’s just hope I remember that at some point writing on here brought me joy as well.

We’ll see.



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