Designer Skin Head Over Heels Review

Type: Dark Bronzer
Extras: Shave Minimizing Formula and Shimmer
Scent: Candied Plum
Size: 8.5 oz. Bottle / 0.5 oz Packette

Legs for days and dark color to be envied! Get carried away and fall Head Over Heels™ in love with your sleek, tone and golden legs! Formulated with those hard-to-tan areas in mind, this mix of the darkest bronzers and subtle shimmer will deliver all the dazzling dark color your heart desires!

• Infused with Caffeine to tone and tighten
• Shave-minimizers help inhibit hair growth to keep legs smoother
• Superior Dark Bronzers deliver dramatically dark color for maximum results
• Subtle Shimmer for an illuminating glow

Tired of having your legs 6 shades darker than the rest of you?
After building my base tan with Designer Skin’s Secret Rapture, I began to notice my stomach and back were incredibly dark and my legs and arms and other hard to tan areas were lagging behind. I decided to give the NEW Designer Skin Head Over Heels a go. The superior dark bronzers help add that extra boost that the thicker skin on our legs needs to get just as dark as the rest of us.

Head Over Heels is perfect for your legs with added shave-minimizers to promote smoothness and slow down hair growth. Caffeine helps tone and tighten your skin for extra sex appeal while subtle shimmer gets your legs noticed. And don’t worry, by subtle shimmer I mean light shimmer that makes skin glow rather than send you into full-on stripper mode. I love to use this lotion on my hoo-ha, my ass, and my legs as I have a harder time getting those areas dark. I have had great results.

The Candied Plum scent is pleasant and smells nice when first applied. Some lotions can leave you smelling burnt after a nice, long tanning session. This fragrance only enhances with the heat and develops a warmer, more potent Sugar scent. It is perfect if you have to head straight from the salon to work or out. You will smell delicious!

I was able to find a 8.5 ounce bottle of this tanning lotion for $25 (including shipping) on eBay – brand new and sealed. On eBay you can find a sample packette for around $5. My tanning salon retails this bottle at $50 with a sample packette being $8.



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