Make a Healthier Bowl of Oatmeal

STOP!  Put down that pitiful pouch of instant oatmeal!  
Clean up your morning oatmeal and add some fiber, Omega-3’s, and protein.  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.  But first things first.  Switch out those quick oats with rolled oats.  They only add 5 minutes to your morning routine, but your tummy (and your thighs) will thank you later.  Never cooked rolled oats before?  It’s easy, read how to here.
Not only can you grab a bag of rolled oats for as much as a box of instant oatmeal, but you end up with a heartier breakfast that will keep you full for longer.  You can mix it up however you like based on what’s you have in your fridge and what’s in season.
Increase the fiber and protein!  As I mentioned before, reach for rolled oats over quick oats.  A half-cup serving offers seven grams of protein and five grams of fiber.  The quick oats only offer five grams of protein and four grams of fiber.  See, we are already off to a good start.  Not to mention, pouches of instant oatmeal contain ingredients that do not coincide with a clean diet.
Increase the protein – you can do this any number of ways.  After your oats are good and cooked, stir in a tablespoon of nut butter or half a cup of plain Greek yogurt.  If you want a lower calorie alternative then top your oatmeal with some walnuts or almond slivers.  You can also add a protein powder but dissolve it in some water or milk first otherwise it will coagulate funny.  Egg whites added while oats are cooking can also add plenty of protein without that egg-y taste, just be sure to stir the pot thoroughly once eggs are added.
Increase the fiber!  Aside from the obvious fiber powders, get a little creative.  Cut up some dried apricots, throw in some fresh or frozen berries, or toss in some diced fresh pear or mango.  Chia seeds are also offer plenty of fiber — one tablespoon has over five grams.
Add some omega-3s!  Sprinkle on one tablespoon of ground flax-seed as they offer nearly two grams of the good stuff.  You only need a half tablespoon to reach the recommended daily amount.
Lower sugar alternatives!  Instead of adding brown sugar, maple syrup, honey, or maple syrup to your morning oats, sweeten your breakfast with a mashed banana, unsweetened applesauce, or pureed strawberries.
You see?  The oatmeal bowl possibilities are endless!   It’s hard to get bored with a hot bowl of oats when I can make a unique bowl every time.  Try it with a tablespoon of peanut butter and a mashed banana or mix in some Greek yogurt, chia seeds, and pureed strawberries.
What do you add to your morning bowl?

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