A Little Nutty

…coconutty that is.

On New Year’s Day, Mr. Man and I decided that we deserved some of our favorite Mexican food from a little chain out by us, Tacos El Norte. I cannot ever have enough of that place. Avocado tacos and banana margaritas? Count me in, every day of the week. Well, unfortunately, that won’t work so well with my diet. That’s why when we do decide to indulge I go all out. Terrible, I know, but I don’t care.

I love that all of the resaturants in the different towns by us have a different feel in their Tacos El Norte. My favorite sit-down one is in Libertyville, where they are situated in front of a pond and the inside is decorated with coconut palms and waterfalls.

And obviously, I love their food. Mr. man and I always get tacos: steak for him and chicken or avocado for me. Then we like to share a cheese quesadilla and fill up on chips and salsa. If I’m feeling crazy, I get myself my all-time favorite fruity margarita. I was so ravenous, that I forgot to take my taco picture until I had already eaten one. Oopsies!

It must have been the coconut palms painted on the walls that made me crave some fresh coconut milk. So when we headed across the street to the huge grocery store, I grabbed myself a coconut. It’s been a really long time since I’ve stuck a straw in one of those. I was due. All I did was hammer a nail into one of the three holes on the top of the coconut, slip in a straw, and voila! fresh coconut milk.

#40. Drink milk from a coconut!



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