Indian Food and Bubble Tea

Last Friday, my friend Kendal and I decided we were due for hanging out. We were supposed to go to a club but Indian food and bubble tea won out. Ahem, food always wins with me.

We headed to the town we always hung out in during high school and decided to eat at an Indian restaurant, mostly because it was one of the few places open after 9. We were seated and I started looking over the menu. I couldn’t pronounce anything so thank goodness for the detailed descriptions and numbers next to the dishes. I ended up ordering a vegetarian dish with carrots and cauliflower. Kendal ordered something with potatoes. We both ordered our dishes spicy, and once the server realized we were serious, he smiled and left us alone.

Excuse me, sir, I think we can handle it.

In the meantime, we each ordered an Indian beer so we could share and try 2 new beers. They were surprisingly good. I can’t say I’ve ever had Indian beer before. I’m not sure they actually serve it India but it sounds cool.

When our food arrived, it looked like heavily spiced mush in a pretty silver bowl with a heavy silver spoon. We dug in, and it was delicious! And just the right amount of spicyness. I forgot how much I enjoy eating Indian food. SO good! I’ll definitely need to go back to that little restaurant again, and perhaps try the Hercules and Taj Mahal beers. You know its good ethnic food when people of that ethnicity eat there…am I right or am I right?

#101. Eat Indian food!
And now for the main event: BUBBLE TEA! I’ve been wanting to try Americanized bubble tea until I can travel to Japan, which will be a very very very long time by the way. I looked up all kinds of places around me and since I didn’t want to drive into the city, we settled for a little place called Liquid Fusion. We drove 15 minutes down the road and pulled into an incredibly packed parking lot (after making a big U-turn since I passed it up). We walked up to the door and of course, there are no seats left. This is the one place open in that general area until 1 that younger kiddies can actually be in. Therefor, not a place Kendal and I wanted to be at on a Friday night. We spent entirely way to long looking at the menu because we we a tad bit confused. I had to ask the teeniebopper working there which options were bubble tea because apparently they call it a “fusion tea”. Go figure.

Finally, I ordered a coconut “fusion” tea with tapioca pearls. Kendal ordered a lychee tea with tapioca. We decided it was best to enjoy our drinks in the truck and away from the kids. Lesson learned: that place is a teen hangout. I had a moment of stupidity and over-zealousness when I tried to puncture the lid on my drink with the non-sharp side and ended up with coconut slush all over my jacket. Major fail! But, hey, at least Kendal go a really good laugh out of it.

I really enjoyed bubble tea. I’d like to try some other flavors and maybe switch it up and have lychee jelly at the bottom instead of the tapioca pearls. The tapioca was black and chewy, and had no flavor. I’m not sure what the point was of it but it looks kind of cool. It also provided us with plenty of “balls in your mouth” jokes. It couldn’t be helped.

The upside of being in the truck? Taking shameless pictures.

#60. Drink bubble tea!

To see what else is on the 2012 Bucket List, go here.



  1. Eden says:

    OMG, I used to be addicted to bubble tea! Used to live near a place that made the stuff and my friends and I would always go there on a Sunday. Boy I miss those days :'-( *sniff*

    As for Indian food, I love the stuff. You now curry is like the national British dish? lol! Chicken korma, poppadoms and peshwari naan *drool* don't get me started! And I wonder why I gained several kilos before the year ended.

    Congrats on striking two items off your list. You have made me major jel! Glad to see you and your buddy having fun – it's what it's all about πŸ™‚ Xxx


  2. Mandy says:

    I've only tried Indian food on one occasion and I really enjoyed it. As for bubble tea I've never tried it.

    You've inspired me to look for some cute tea places out by me! ;-}


  3. Jenna says:

    yum! the coconut bubble tea sounds delish! the bubble tea places are popping up all over downtown guess i should check one out asap!

    i love indian food too! spicy is good!! ❀


  4. Tara says:

    You know, I've made Indian dishes at home and while they are OK, I don't know if I would go pay to eat at an Indian restaurant…it's just not my type of food. Probably because I'm just not huge on curry and/or cumin.


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