Mmm, Chocolatey Bacon!

#26. Eat a chocolate bacon bar.
For 6 years I was a vegetarian. I lost out on a lot of trying new foods but I’ve never really enjoyed meat like some people do. One thing that always boggled my mind was when people thought bacon paired well with anything. It’s a greasy, fatty piece of shriveled meat…how can it possibly taste good with everything? I digress.

Now that (thanks to Mr. Man) I eat meat, I decided to jump on the bacon bandwagon. Now I can’t say I want to eat the artery-clogging stuff with every meal but I can definitely enjoy a crunchy piece or two every once in a while.

I will openly admit that a couple years ago when I was browsing the chocolate section at a little grocery store by where I used to work and saw bacon adorning some of the packages on chocolate bars I balked. Chocolate and bacon? If this is what kids are eating these days, we are in big trouble, my friends. I thought that combination was so strange and disgusting that I remembered it for some time.

After a few months of walking past the chocolatey bacon bars, I thought hey! bucket list! And I decided I needed to try one. If only to say that I tried one. I like chocolate…and sometimes bacon. Why not? The worst that could happen is that it gives me an instant heart attacked. And since that’s unlikely, the worst would be that it tastes disgusting.

Alas, I grabbed one at the store…um, as an early stocking stuffer to myself?

Dark chocolate, hickory smoked uncured bacon, and Alerderwood smoked salt? OH MY, who comes up with this stuff. Now, I was expecting a giant piece of bacon enveloped in a bar of chocolate but it was actually teeny bacon bits scattered throughout. It wasn’t bad. I just can’t say I’d ever crave one of these candy bars.

For the sake of comparison, I tried the milk chocolate + bacon bar my little brother got too. They tasted so different and I think I prefer the bacon + milk chocolate combination much better even though I usually prefer dark chocolate.

Want to try a bacon + chocolate bar? Grab one at Vosges!

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  1. Eden says:

    Wow, choccie bacon? Ha, seeing it all now πŸ˜‰

    But I especially wanted to pop by to send my congrats on the engagement. You and your hubby to be have made this blog a fun read and you can clearly see your love for each other. A couple who shares things together and smiles the way you two do is one with a lot of promise. I wish you the best in preparing for your life together. Have a great start to 2012 hon! You rock bigtime xx


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