Mmmm Strange Meat…

#4. Try a new food with my dad.

Unfortunately, I had this goal on my list for 2 years now. It’s not for lack of strange food, but the opportunity never presented itself when my dad was around, being that he’s always hard at work. (Right, Mom?) Alas, I can cross it off the list.

Several days ago, my boyfriend called to say he got a very special tip at work. I was thinking cash. I was wrong. Apparently, some guy tipped him with some meat from his latest hunting trip. Buffalo meat to be exact. Now you may be thinking eating a buffalo isn’t strange. I know I’ve seen plenty of bison and buffalo burgers at restaurants, but I stayed away from meat for quite a few years and half the time I still gag when opening fresh meat packages to make dinner. So, to me, eating buffalo meat indeed counts as strange – and definitely new. It also made it even stranger since some guy tipped Jose with it.

So, when my dad and little brother came over yesterday to visit the dogs (and me, I think) I decided to pop those suckers on the grill pan. I hate the look of sausage, and buffalo sausage was no exception. However, I will admit that when I sniffed the meat before throwing it on the pan it actually smelled really good. For some reason I was picturing it would smell like a big, hairy farm animal. I guess not. It smelled like the cheddar and peppers that were added at the meat place the hunter took it to.

Don’t they look like regular sausages? I bet I could stick one on anyone’s plate and they wouldn’t know the difference. They still smelled really cheesy once they were cooked. I couldn’t back out now. If my little brother was ready to give buffalo a try, so was I. My dad eating strange stuff isn’t really anything new.

As you can tell, they were thrilled about taking photos for documentation. I, on the other hand, was perhaps a little bit too enthusiastic. My bad. Got a little excited. Note crazy hair.

I tried my first bite…hmmm, tastes like sausage. Better try another piece to be sure.

Yup, tastes like Italian sausage. Only better.

The verdict? I’d totally eat buffalo again. Good thing – I still have some more sausage and 2 jalapeno summer sausages that need to be eaten. I think the dogs might want to give me hand…

They LOVED buffalo! This picture is blurry because they kept attacking my brother for the last piece. They’re incredibly well trained normally. Oh, actually, that’s a lie.



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