Book Review: Sweep Volume 3

From The Back-flap:

Morgan Rowlands holds profound magickal power. . . a power that some will stop at nothing to obtain.

Though she knows she has much still to learn, magick has brought her more than she could ever have imagined: the love of her soul mate. Yet her dreams uncover something else – a dark force threatening her entire world. As the darkness closes in, Morgan realizes that she must make a choice – light or dark; hatred or love.

Is she strong enough to make the sacrifice and discover her true nature, or will the darkness consume all she holds dear?”

Cate Tiernan has quickly joined the ranks of one of my favorite authors. Any author that can make me completely forget I’m reading a YA book gets an A+. Ms. Tiernan has done just that for me, with all three of the first volumes in the Sweep series.

As with the other volumes in this series, this book features three nearly-200-page stories. This volume includes: The Calling, Changeling, and Strife.

In The Calling, “Morgan and Hunter travel to New York City, Morgan to seek out information about her birth parents and Hunter to continue his quest to end the deadly Woodbane conspiracy. But in their search for answers, they find themselves in terrible danger.” I really enjoyed this one and learning more about Morgan’s mysterious past and her true lineage while her relationship with Hunter progresses. Great read!

In Changeling, “The ground keeps shifting under me. I thought I’d discovered the truth about myself. But everything I learned turned out to be lies. I’ll do what I must to find out what I need to know. I’ll sacrifice almost anything. I’ve got to know who —or what— I am.” This short book took us on yet another journey that will define Morgan’s life is a witch. It’s chalked full of action and teen romance minus all the cooties.

In Strife, “Morgan has been so involved in the world of magick that her parents are furious with her for neglecting school. And now the members of her coven are being persecuted. Morgan is falling to pieces. How can she find the strength she so desperately needs?” If you like drama, you will really enjoy this one. My only complaint is that the mysterious happenings around Morgan aren’t so mysterious, if you’ve read this book you’ll know what I mean. It wasn’t very difficult to point your finger in the right direction. I like a little bit more suspense.

“…loving someone really opening your heart to them is just asking to have your heart smashed and handed back to you in little pieces.”

I would recommend this book to young adults, adults who love being taken back to their high school days (assuming you’re a witch in this case), or anyone looking for a light, quick read.

My Rating:

You can check out my review of Sweep Volume 2 here.


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