Spend Your Holidays with Edenfantasys

I love giving gifts so the holiday season is always fun for me – and incredibly busy! Normally I pick little items up all year round with the idea of Christmas in mind and keep everything stuffed into my closet. But this year I dropped the ball big time. It’s nearly Christmas and I’ve only got ten of the twenty people I’m shopping for a gift. No bueno.

So, when I was browsing around on Edenfantasys and saw all their perfect gift sets for the holidays I picked up enough for all the lovely ladies in the family. My favorite is the Cake holiday handful trio. This cute set comes with three of cake’s velvet hand lotions: Milkmade (vanilla milk & fresh raspberries), Vanilla Snow (sweet vanilla cream), and Unsweet (unscented).

Not only do the hand lotions smell amazing, but they work great and don’t leave behind that obnoxious greasiness. And as an added bonus, they come in a super cute box that is easily wrapped – just slap on a bow and pop it under the tree.

I also fell in love with the Winter Wonder lip gloss trio:

How cute is that set? A sweet set filled with three different sheer shades of lip softening gloss that are perfect for any skin tone. There’s no such thing as too much lip gloss!

Looking for something to really make your loved ones shine? Give the gift of glitter with the Vanilla Snow woman trio! This gift set includes: glistening vanilla body wash, glistening vanilla body mousse, and pink icicle lip gloss.

I picked this up for my niece and once I smelled it, I just had to order a set for myself…oops! This set smells amazing, like vanilla buttercream. The lip gloss is perfect to wear alone or over your favorite lipsticks.

But if you’re not like me this year and completely behind on your holiday shopping they have plenty of items that would make perfect stocking stuffers – or presents to yourself.

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This post brought to you by Edenfantasys, an online sex toy retailer!


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