Do You Feel Sexy?

When I wake up every morning and trudge to the bathroom and catch a glimpse of my ruffled hair and raccoon eyes in the morning [shriek] and I wonder what exactly it is that my boyfriend sees in me. I can’t say I’m too sure. And I’ve promised myself not to be one of those women that lets “myself go” when I get married. Not just for him, but for me as well.

Self-confidence is important. And sometimes we all just need a little R & R followed by some intense pampering. But when I want to feel at my best I don’t turn to a high-priced salon. I grab some high-quality products and get to work at home. Hell, I might even paint my toe nails whilst toting around a margarita if I want to get a little crazy.

And now, one of my favorite website carries a few of my favorite confidence-boosting products. Talk about one-stop shopping! Edenfantasys has made the absolutely genius idea: carry sex toys alongside the little things that make us feel sexy. Here’s a little preview of just a few of my favorites:

Edenfantasys now carries a few great bath and beauty brands, including two of my most-loved brands: Booty Parlor and Cake. They’ve got everything from cute, holiday-ready gift sets to plumping lip-gloss to sugar scrubs and my new favorite lip treatment. Whoever came up with sugar lip scrub and heavy-duty balm in a set is awesome in my book. What’s sexier than soft lips?

I promptly ordered my favorite lotion on the planet: Cake’s desserted island shower gel and body mousse. (My skin feels like velvet!) And I followed that with my fave lip treatment and some Booty Parlor plumping gloss and I can already feel my sexy-o-meter gauge going up. You’re missing out if you haven’t tried that stuff, I’m telling you!

Looking for holiday gifts too? Give the gift of sexyness to the lovely ladies in your life! Edenfantasys is also carrying lots of great bath and beauty gift sets. Or if you’re the crafty type then grab some of their great products and make a get-sexy-soon gift basket.

What makes you feel sexy?

Eden Cafe



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