Niece & Nephew Time! Part 2

Last weekend we got to snatch the kiddies from their parents and get into our Tio/Tia roles. After our hike at the forest preserve we ventured to the skate ramps – without skateboards might I add…we came prepared, obviously. Then we made it over to the park to play. And by playing I really mean playing tag until Jose and I were ready to keel over and die. Lets just say we slept good that night…

he’s such a great uncle that he won’t even pull his niece up!

isn’t this sweet?

i wish i was this photogenic…dang.

you think your kid’s this cute? doubt it.

can we say “kid at heart”?


kind of jealous…i could never do that!

sorry, mom! he’s going to be all dirty when we’re done here…

i love this picture! so cute!

i honestly thought he was going to break the springs on this.



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