Niece and Nephew Time! Part 1

Ok, well they’re not technically my niece and nephew yet…but they will be.
So I’m going to take on the Tia Jessi role starting now!
We got to take the kids for a day. I’ll admit I spent the entire night before trying to find some awesome activities for them after lunch and apparently I didn’t do my homework. The skating rink? Closed for parties. Ice skating? Closed. Laser tag? Parties only. *phew* This whole attempting to be the world’s greatest aunt thing is not working as planned. So we took the kids to lunch for some tacos, followed by taking a “hike” in the forest preserve.

aren’t they cute?!

the kids with their Tio

the giant mushroom we found

yeah, i forced her to take this picture…

she’s so pretty!

we get a little bit excited over finding big sticks

my poor attempt capturing the pretty sky

look at those smiles!

i’m not sure what these are but they’re cool

my favorite photo of the day!


1 Comment

  1. KY says:

    #1 – I love tacos, so you sold me on that! and #2 – I'm sure the kids had a much more adventurous time out in the wilderness hiking and making lasting memories than they would have playing lazer tag or skating indoors. When you compare the conversation value at all of the locations, I'm sure you were able to engage and talk much more than you would have with your other ideas. Everything happens for a reason!

    Happy thoughts to you for a productive week!



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