Everyone Needs A Little Romance

55. Be romantic, just once. It probably won’t kill me.

Some of you may catch my drift. Being romantic isn’t as easy as it looks in romantic comedies. Not all of us would feel comfortable standing on our front lawn with a guitar in hand, serenading our better half. And others of you may be thinking, why be romantic just one time? I’ve had that #55 on my bucket list for a year now. What’s my hang up?

You see, my boyfriend and I are busy with work and entertaining our dogs, and well, with life in general. Normally when we get quiet time, we want just that: quiet. Not to mention, neither of us have a romantic bone in our body. My boyfriend may be a “latin lover” but he’s no Rico Suave. And this is how I like it. We normally opt to make fun of each other instead of whisper sweet nothings into one another’s ears.

But there’s nothing wrong with a little romance every couple of years. And last time I checked we are due. Where do I start? Well, EdenFantasys, of course. They don’t just carry sex toys, friends. I can find everything I need for a special night all in one spot.

Being romantically challenged, the fact that EdenFantasys website is so organized really helps me out. Not to mention, their selection of sensual gifts for couples will not disappoint. I’m thinking of going all out so the first thing to go into my bag was Booty Parlor’s Seduction Kit, complete with massage oil, lubricant, an exotically scented votive candle, and plumping lip gloss. Perfect!

Now, to add all those little extras. I grabbed some rose petals, a massage candle, and some bath oil. And top that off with some sexy lingerie. If all that doesn’t scream romance, I’m not sure what does.

What would you grab for your romantic night in with your partner?

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store



  1. Nicole says:

    I've tried to be romantic but I've never gone ALL OUT for one night. This sounds nice though!

    I think I'd grab that seduction kit too. Some lingerie, and a massage candle. I've never tried one of those..sounds neat


  2. Jessi says:

    @Tina: I'm glad you catch my drift.

    @Audrey: I love booty parlor stuff too…esp their bubble bath!

    @Nicole: Me too! I normally fail miserably. Massage candles are awesome. I use them on myself, like on my legs, and it makes your skin so soft!

    @Mikaela: I hope he will! I want to try that game too. That's a whole year of romance…can we say romance overdose? Awesome!


  3. Brooke says:

    Awwe! I like this idea for your bucket list. I know I could use some more romance too. :)~

    Maybe I'll stock up on massage candles, rose petals, and bath bubbles and copy you haha


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