Book Review: The Laughing Corpse

From The Back-flap:

“Sometime later I was standing on a little raised platform in front of a nearly perfect circle of mirrors. With matching pink high heels, the bridesmaid’s dress was the right length at least. It also had a little puff sleeves and was an off-the-shoulder look. It showed almost every scar I had.

My collarbone and left arm have both been broken- a vampire bit through them. There’s also the cross-shaped burn mark on my left forearm. I looked like Frankenstein’s bride goes to the prom. But Catherine, the bride herself, didn’t agree. She thought I deserved to be in the wedding, because we were such good friends. I was paying good money to be publicly humiliated. We must be good friends…”

In this second installment of the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, Anita is offered a cool million to raise a 283 year old corpse by Harold Gaynor. Anita is used to sacrificing chickens and goats, she is an Animator after all, but this corpse will need much more than that to be raised. They will need the so-called White Goat…otherwise known as a human. Anita refuses, thus creating one more enemy: Harold.

As if that’s not enough to worry about, Anita is called on by the Regional Preternatural Investigation Team to help find who is behind the gruesome deaths that are increasing in frequency. Whole families eaten by this thing and she’s got no choice but to stop it. This leads her right into the lion’s den. Dominga Salvador, one of the most famous VooDoo priestess, and she’s isn’t exactly someone you want to mess with.

Much like the first book in this series, the characters feel so real and the plot moves quickly making for a great read. Ms. Hamilton weaves a wonderful story around all sorts of paranormal elements in this book: zombies, vampires, necromancers, and voodoo priests.

My only hope is that we’ll be seeing more of the vampires, especially Jean-Claude, in the coming books. The chemistry between Jean-Claude and Anita is intriguing. And despite the whole “vampire hunter” title, Anita has mostly been bringing us into the world of zombies in these first two books. We. Need. More. Fangs!

“Most people hate funerals because of the dead. I hate all the emotional shit.”

I’d recommend this book for any paranormal book lovers or fans of Laurell K. Hamilton’s Meredith Gentry books.

My Rating:

You can check out my review of Guilty Pleasures, the first book in the Anita Blake series, here.



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