Good Morning Sunshine

I have been busy lazy lately and I haven’t been paying quite enough attention to my nails. I’ll slap on some nail polish here and there and then let it slowly chip off…only to remove it once and for all three weeks later. Gross, I know but deal. Finally, (in a two day process since my patience is wearing thin) I tried my new Milani nail polish in Good Morning Sunshine. I added a little leopard by using Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects in Kitty, Kitty.

When I want to buy a new nail polish color and my budget won’t allow it I almost always grab Milani…great colors for a great price. The only problem I’ve had with Milani maybe 25% of the time (and I buya lot) is occassionally the brush is not to my liking but I get over it. Good Morning Sunshine required three coats to get my desired effect. Two coats would be fine if you don’t want a really gold color.

The verdict is in: I really do love Ms. Hansen’s Salon Effects. This is my third time using them and I still think they are easy and turn out great. However, some of the patterns seem to be a little bit much if they’re used on every single nail.

If I can get back into the groove, I’ll probably bust out my Jamberry nail strips next week. The only question is: blue leopard or skulls?



  1. Gabby says:

    Ooooh!!!! I like the leopard print – I can never find that pattern at the store. It is always sold out. 😦

    I like how you only did one nail as well. Very cute!


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