Apple Pickin’

On Wednesday, my friend Kendal and I ventured up into Wisconsin to do some fall activities: a country lunch, apple picking, cheese, and beer. Well, cheese isn’t really a fall thing but I love it no matter what the season. And we were among the cheeseheads so obviously, we needed to sample some Wisconsin cheese.


I think Kendal was enjoying her brisket sandwich.

Wisconsin Cheddar Soup + cold, windy day = pure awesomeness.

Apparently goats aren’t afraid of heights!

Cute little goat taking a little break from roaming the Golden Goat Bridge.

Somehow bees making honey is always interesting…

Terrible picture of the bees making honey.

Does the latter make my butt look big? [please don’t answer that!]


The [new and improved] Mars Cheese Castle in WI

What are your favorite fall adventures?



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