I Need A Stiff Drink & A Interior Designer

this is me right now – minus the tools, add candles and wallflowers plug-ins…heh.

oh, and subtract tattoos and add a flabby stomach…mmmhmm.

We’ve been in our house for nearly 2 weeks now and I still have a few boxes left in our “office”. And by office, I really mean the room that contains my computer, a disk chair, and…boxes. It’s starting to bother me, but I am apparently too obsessed with what fall-scented candles I need and trying to find the perfect little pots for my kitchen herb garden. So, as you can see, my priorities are perfectly lined up.

The strangest thing is that I hadn’t read a book in years and after starting the Sookie Stackhouse series last summer, I now have enough books to warrant a bookshelf (or two) which I have negelected to get. I’m picky. I don’t know what color I want. I don’t know what style I want. So I shut down and my books have been living in a box. Not very nice, I know.

Curtains. They are really starting to piss me off! We are situated on a main road and our bedroom is a little bit too visible at night. We’re keeping it PG but I still like my privacy. Though I must have everything match and we have two big windows and a little guy. So I am stuck. Again.

The yard is a disaster area thanks to the man who lived here before us. He apparently had better things to do. but my dogs insist upon being outside 648326 hours a day so this must change. However, considering hwo many things I still have yet to get started inside, I have told myself the yard can wait until next year…early spring! Knowing that early spring will really mean early summer. I live in Illinois so our winter isn’t over until May. Don’t get me started on that though.

So, here I am. Blogging instead of measuring for my curtains or out shopping from my dream bookcase. I am sure I won’t be able to keep my fingers from typing in yankeecandle.com for very long…and when they do I’ll undoubtedly spend a wee bit too much on unneccesary items all in the name on having a good smelling house for all those guests we have over…which so far is just our parents and a couple close friends. Clearly, I am going about this all right.

Damn you, Lowes, for making “doing it yourself” look so easy!


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  1. Erin says:

    ha! You sound exactly like me! Homes sure bring out the best in us! Tonight I put up curtains in our bedroom and they ended up being 2 different sizes!! As in… the package said they were 63 inches long and when we put them up one was 59 inches and was one 62 inches. FML ha! I say, look at those damn candles and be done with the necessary stuff! πŸ™‚



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