All Moved In…Sort Of

I should have made a soundtrack of all the sighing/growling/grunting noises that I’ve made the past week and a half. Our “big moving day” did not exactly go according to my [very thorough and on the verge of crazy] plan. We loaded up our trucks and started our treck (15 minutes away…heh) to our new house. Then came the realization that I still had to clean our apartment and the house. It’s time like that I wish I had the big bucks to just pay someone else to do it. But considering I don’t, it added a speedbump to my plan.

We took an hour out of our day to journey up to rural, southern Wisconsin to drop off our old cable/internet equipment only to pull in the parking lot to find they’re closed. Even though the SOB on the phone told me they’re hours were 9-3. It was 1. *insert obscenities here…lots of them* I called my old provider, waited on hold for much longer than necessary and proceeded to be the rude customer I hated when I worked in retail. I even threatened to throw their equipment on the stoop and leave. My boyfriend was in the background snickering the whole time. I had to punch him in the arm repeatedly to make sure I kept my composure…this dude needed to understand the gravity of the situation. Dude on the phone appeased me by telling me they’re send Fed-Ex boxes free of charge to me to send the equipment back. The idiots have yet to send a box big enough – even after 2 tries.

AT&T left me without my beloved internet for over a week. They were suposed to “activate” my internet before I moved in. Once we move in and hook up my computer we find that we have no service. Here I am, sitting on hold yet again. I am not happy. Come to find that someone “cancelled our service”…how can I do that before I even have service? Then I am told they won’t be able to make it out to re-activiate it until midweek. I am livid yet again. Activation date passes and no internet. I’m on the phone again, fuming. Finally they showed up the next day and ta-da! I have the internet. All of that to save $15 a month. Boooo!

We still have boxes strewn about the place, but with a bigger space comes a need for more furniture…which we have yet to get. I’m still trying to decide what I want. I think I may be a tad bit too picky? I’ve spent 3 weeks searching for a bookcase…I’m crazy! I know.

So, long story short, my plan did not go as smoothly as I had planned. But we are moved and I am much happier with my space. I even have my own office/workspace now…all I need is some office stuff and some storage stuff.

Expect my return to bloggyland very soon!



  1. Erin says:

    Oh goodness! It sounds like you've had quite the experience! We had a moment with AT&T when we first got in at our old apartment. John had to practically threaten their lives and they came out ON A SUNDAY to fix it and it worked like a charm ever since πŸ™‚ I hope things settle down for you guys soon! Enjoy the furniture shopping! That should be good times!



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