Moving Day 1

My summer was speeding by and then the second we agreed to move into a house it came to a screeching halt. Thanks, Excitement, I’ll blame that on you! But the time is finally here, we start moving a few random items in to the new place today and by this time next week we’ll be done with apartment living.

It’s funny how when I’m getting ready to go out I always mumble to myself about not having a large enough wardrobe, and when I’m moving I feel like I have farrr too many clothing items. I’ve thrown out everything we don’t use and I still feel like we have too much stuff.

Goodbye neighbors that can’t park! Goodbye lugging groceries (and dogs) up and down three flights of stairs! Goodbye neighbors who ram into the back of my truck while I’m watching! Goodbye neighbors who play their music loud enough for the whole building to hear! And goodbye Racist below us who flies his confederate flag off the back of his little Neon!

I would say I will miss my apartment, but I’d be lying!



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