Happy Birfday To Me

I didn’t really want to turn 23…does anyone have a time machine I can borrow?
Sunday I celebrated my birthday with my family and my boyfriend. It was filled with tacos, beer margaritas, and s’mores. What more could I ask for?

mmmm margaritas…

these are just a little bit too good…

my mom and i…note my little brother’s superior camera skills

my ad just loves all the pictures i make us take…not!

best. tacos. ever!

my favorite red velvet cupcakes from fresh market

it took all 3 of them to get the fire going with the wind!

boyfriend loves photos almost as much as my dad. πŸ˜‰

how was it cold enough for a bonfire in June? stupid Illinois.

my puppies love marshmallows too!

i like my s’mores with burnt marshmallows & a Reese’s

that’s my 60lb lap dog right there!

Tonight Mr. Man is taking me to my favorite Chinese restaurant for some pot-stickers and maybe a cocktail if I’m lucky. Apparently, I get two birthdays…hey – not complaining!



  1. Eden says:

    Gorgeous photos, Jessi! Really beautiful! Looks like a great and fun day was had by all.

    I had to laugh when you complained at being 23 – you are still a spring chicken. Live up your 20s – they've barely begun!


  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like a blast! And ooomg I would love some s'mores!

    Oh and just wait until you're almost 29 and you realize it's about the be the LAST year of your 20s. Yikes! lol..


  3. Tara says:

    Happy birthday! Sounds like a great one to me πŸ˜‰ My birthday last year was spent drinking beer, eating pizza and watching Jane Austen movies and it was one of my best in a LONG time!


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