Sunday Funday

I know it’s been a good weekend when I
a. gained 48372437 pounds
b. am red as a lobster
c. lived in my bathing suit!

Yesterday Mr. Man and I headed back up to the lake. It’s only 15 minutes from us, so I make it seem like such a mini vacation, but it’s…not. My boyfriend hates all things beach. He hates sand, he hates heat, and he hates me “just laying in the sun”. But he was on his best behavior so it was a fun day and the beach wasn’t too crowded despite the perfect weather. Less screaming babies and kids throwing buckets of sand on my towel = happy Jessi.

The water at Lake Geneva is incredibly clear. The best part is when you stand still for a minute and the little fishies come right up to your feet to check you out. Mr. Man was occupied with trying to catch one for about 30 minutes. We’re mature like that. The problem with standing in the water the whole time? My shoulders and chest are red and my legs are blindingly white. I may have to break down and fakebake just to even it out. Boooo.

We all know I’m a chubaholic so the best part was eating at my favorite lakefront cafe for the second day in a row. This is why I can’t complain about the armfat in all my pictures. But it seems so worth it. The best part was the toasted coconut ice cream with the fresh wafflecone. It was a little bit too good. I can see myself driving up there for a cone and then heading home. Now I’m screwed…funnelcake sundaes at the diner down the road and amazing ice cream 15 minutes away.

This means I can grab a funnelcake to go and eat it while heading to my ice cream destination…right?

What’s your favorite weekend activity?



  1. Jenna says:

    lol at the eating a while cake while driving to get ice cream! that's something i would do on a bad day. looks like you had fun, love the color of your swimsuit! (=


  2. So fun! And you look so good, girl! I don't see any of this arm fat you're talking about!!

    And I lol'ed at your honey not liking heat…Where's he from because he would HATE it down here in Texas. We're pushing 100 degrees right now! I need a lake STAT!


  3. Rissy says:

    umm funnel cake… wow there is actual drool on my keyboard.

    I LOVE weekends spent mostly in bathing suits… except when you get all red and peel is oober- sad no?

    P.S. I just saw that pic of Vodka from your last post and gagged a little. I may still be hungover from Saturday. OOPS!



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