CAKE vodka…the world MUST be ending.

Yesterday afternoon was the most amazing day in a while. The sun finally came out from behind the gray clouds that have been hovering over Chicago and the temperature soared into the upper 80s. (Hello humid hair, oh how I have not missed you!) My friend Kendal and I ventured up to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It’s where most of us Northern Illinoisians and Cheeseheads go when we want to enjoy our version of a “beach” town. The cute little shops open their doors to welcome customers and the bars put our their “wine tasting” signs. Booze and shopping. That’s how I want to spend all of my afternoons. Damn you, adulthood, for ruining that for me.

We made our way up mid-afternoon and went to my favorite little cafe, Scuttlebutt’s. (I think it first drew me in because it has “butt” in the name…sooo mature!) Kendal and I are perfect lunch partners. We couldn’t decide between their Bleu Cheese Burger complete with bacon, or their Wisconsin Cheddar and bacon burger so we ordered both, cut those babies in half and dug in. They were both delicious. If only I hadn’t forgotten my camera at home I could share pictures with you! I was a vegetarian for 8 years so ordering a burger is still strange to me, but they were pretty damn good. Once our stomachs were filled and I felt like I was waddling up the street, we popped into some shops. A cute little gourmet food shop had a sign out front for FREE wine tasting so we couldn’t pass it up. But before we got to that area there was an adorable little tiki bar set up with blenders filled with delicious concoctions – cue heavenly music and rays of light. I’ll share the genius drink recipes with you once I get the exact measurements, since we tried them all.

But the star was the new UV CAKE Vodka. I wish you could all just come over so I could share my little bottle of cakey goodness but since I can’t I’ll try to entice you to go buy your own. (Unless you live in the Chicago area – call me!) I always smell my drinks before I try them – is this weird? – and I kid you not this vodka smells like a fresh white cake batter. It smells amazing. My vocabulary isn’t vast enough to accurately describe the sensations in my nose. And that taste was just as fabulous. This tiki drink mixing goddess poured us a whole shot and it went down so easily. It was like eating a cupcake with a very very very light hint of vodka. I’m a lightweight and I could handle it.

Bottom line: if you haven’t tried it, you must. They even sell itty bitty bottles so you can just test it out. I’m crossing my fingers they keep selling those around the holidays. Ah, why am I thinking holidays in the summer?! And how did I just talk about vodka for an entire post?

What’s your favorite type of alcohol or your favorite drink?



  1. Yvonne says:

    UV is my FAVORITE vodka ever. I love their pink& blue ones especially because I live on a crappy island and that's the only 2 kinds they sell.

    May have to make a special trip off the island just for this vodka!


  2. Sasha says:

    I dont drink. But I think that sounds delicious. Probably mostly because I haven't had anything but healthy food in a week and a half and I'm super craving bad food today!


  3. Anonymous says:

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