Where’s My Fairytale?

My girlfriends love getting together and going to watch sappy, romance movies. The ones where boy meets girl, boy screws up, girl leaves, boy romances the pants off of girl (vowing to never leave again, obviously!), and then you get your storybook ending. Movie over. Hopes high. One day the man of your dreams will chase after your fleeing cab through New York City on his motorcyle. Or perhaps he will show up outside my window with a guitar, singing me the sweetest song I’ve ever heard. I hate it.

When I was in middle school, I replayed scenes from romantic comedies and chickflicks in my head. One day some handsome guy is going to sweep me off my feet, I just know it! Well, I’m 22 and this guy still hasn’t showed up. He must’ve gotten lost and is too stubborn to ask for directions to my front door.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mr. Man more than anything but we’re both sorely lacking in the romanctic skills department. The last he got me flowers was three years ago for Valentine’s Day. He loves to remind me how when we first started dating I said I didn’t need flowers all the time, they just die anyways. I’d take a plant! I’d take romance in the form of food. Where’s my damn boxes of chocolates, a.hole? We both know I’m a fatass and chocolate is my weakness. You can’t deny that!

We’ve had the whole “wanna, like, get married?” discussion and I’d bet big money we’ll get there eventually. I’m fairly sure that when Mr. Man pops the question the best he’ll come up with “f*ck it, lets just get married ok?…happy now?” as we eat macaroni and cheese off of paper plates. Oh yeah, we’re lovestricken fools!

So ask me how I’ve romanced him…ever? I haven’t. I’ve tried to surprise him, but I get all excited and worked up. And before I know I’ve either spilled the beans or he badgers me until I do because I’ve dropped too many not-so-subtle hints. Once in a while, I just envy the sickeningly sweet relationships where they can’t help but dryhump and grope eachother in public. (We don’t even do that in the confine of our own home!…I’m sure you were dying to know.) I am envious of you married couples that still go on picnics and make time for romance.

So, I want to know…what’s the most romantic thing someone’s done for you? or you’ve done for them? I’d love comments on this (perhaps for ideas!) or feel free to write up a post and send it to JessiH614@gmail.com for my real life fairytale guest post series!

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  1. Hi! I found you at Smart & Trendy Moms Social Parade Friday follow.

    This is a great post. I am a bit older than you and can't think of any big romantic thing that stands out in my long marriage. To me, just staying together and making the effort to keep the relationship strong and healthy is the most romantic thing a couple can do for each other!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Rissy says:

    ok don't make fun… but seriously… the sweetest thing my ex did for me was buy me a pumpkin pie and candy corn. Seriously.

    I was visiting him in California, and I could tell he was soo exciting. We were spending Thanksgiving alone together. I kept threatening to make a pumpkin pie… ok I started out threatening to make a turkey. So I get to his apartment, and there waiting for me is a pumpkin pie! Then I go into his room and BAM! candy corn! (I used to LOOOVVEEE candy corn).

    It meant a lot because not that my bf didn't love me, but there weren't a whole lot of little gestures… more so grand, let me pay for your flight to visit me and the hotel and everything while you're here, kind of gestures. So the candy corn meant a lot.

    Yikes! that was a whole blog post in itself. Sorry!

    oh and is the motorcycle chase from How to Lose a Guy?



  3. Cori says:

    I've had guys that have bought me gifts (nice ones) that really meant nothing to them and ended up meaning nothing to me but it's hard to find a guy that really romances you, I think.

    One of my Exs did surprise me with a weekend getaway to the Dells last summer – he had even talked to my boss about me not working for the weekend. That was REALLY sweet!

    I'm curious to here what everyone else says. πŸ™‚


  4. Anonymous says:

    Not till I was 21, I was walking through a parking lot with my ex at 10:30pm and I heard this music. I knew he was the one. After many thoughts, I finally turned around to talk to him in his van. After a few days of seeing each other after work, he came over with a bottle of wine. That was sooo romantic. Best thing a guy ever did for me.

    This is Chloebaby btw. Blog isn't letting me write comments.


  5. My fiance and I aren't super romantic either and I guess life just gets in the way sometimes so we try to remember the little things. After 5 years together we still say “I Love You” every time we hang up the phone, even after a short call {i'm sure my co-workers love that. lol!} and we kiss ALL.THE.TIME <3

    I think it's super romantic when he does something like bring home pineapple for me [my FAVE] just because. It's the little things! πŸ™‚


  6. Ummm, you might be kidding, but my husband pretty much said ” eff it, let's just get married!” haha. Sounds really mean, but we were so excited and going to Vegas. Coincidentally that is what he said when we moved in too. Haha. Maybe that is what he will say when we decide to have kids too! What a cute little story, love it!


  7. Jenna says:

    romance in the form of food = hilarious!!!

    those couple that suck eachothers faces off in public gross me out lol

    the most romantic thing for me was when my boyfriend got me a ring for christmas and had our server put it in champagne while we were out for dinner. but he stole that from spiderman ❀


  8. PorkStar says:

    Haha, I loved your post.

    FYI, men don't follow directions, nor do we ask for them.

    I can't tell exactly what the most romantic thing was done to me, because I was married and there were TONS of it. Not only that but we dried humped each other even in public or groped each other at the the first opportunity. It was great, it was the best. We were 60% raunch and 40% romantic stuff. It was awesome.


  9. Jennifer says:

    Wow… are you dating my boyfriend? Are you me? I told him exactly the same thing… that I didn't need flowers, since they die. So he rarely gets them for me. It was only when I cried about never getting any nice girly things from him that he started getting me flowers… he tries not to do it too often so that it is still special. Neither of us are 'romantic', I think it makes us feel awkward. We are more best friends who love fart jokes and can't ever live apart type of daters. We've been together 9 years, have had the marriage discussion and I know we will get there eventually as well.

    Helloooo doppleganger!


  10. Tara says:

    My husband and I certainly aren't the most romantic people in the world, and honestly things have definitely wound down a lot now that we've been together for nearly three years. But even things that don't seem romantic at first glance can be, I think. Like the fact that at some point when we FIRST started dating (back at the end of 2008) I mentioned that I had a strong desire for the Return to Tiffany toggle clasp necklace. Which costs close to $400…in SILVER. Fast forward over a year and it's wrapped up and under the tree. I mentioned it to him once, maybe twice, yet he remembered. That's romantic, to me πŸ™‚

    For something I've done…we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day but in early February the first year we were together, I bought a deck of cards and some loose binder rings and decorated each card with a reason I love him, then punched a hole through the corner of each card and hung them on one of the binder rings. Way better than something from Hallmark, I think πŸ™‚


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