Juici Award Numero Dos

I’ve stumbled across quite a few bloggeristas that I have fallen in love with recently. Lock your windows, ladies! It was a hard decision, but I’d like to introduce you to this months Juiciest Blogs. That’s right. There’s two. I make the rules around here.

Little Miss Southern Love
Little Miss Southern Love’s blog is a little slice of Southern perfection. She’s a country loving cutie with a great fashion sense from what I can see. She posts some great pictures, and has the most adorable little pooch. Maybe if you ask her nicely you can use her boyfriend as eyecandy. And if you have morals, just skip that part and go read up on her adventures and get to know her. You won’t regret it.


Carissa Explains It All
PhotobucketThis girl is just plain awesome aside from the fact she thinks she can beat me at a World’s Worst Dancer EVER Contest. (Which would actually be a sweet deal for me but highly unlikely!) But that’s neither here nor there. She makes some awesome videos, and she’s hilarious. If you are wondering how to piece together an all-black outfit or you just need a laugh, she’s your girl. If she’s not on your blogroll you are missing out, my friend. Go check her and all of her cute faces out now. You won’t regret it!

Happy Blog Hopping!



  1. Rissy says:

    alright who told you I was already having a bad day and needed that?! How much did they pay you?

    Seriously… I unlocked my windows so you can just jump on in and we can get this dance contest out of the way!

    Your blog rocks my socks too… and everyone kept asking what the H I was drinking when I had your iced coffee recipe in my clear water bottle. Umm clearly I am drinking dirty water people.. duh



  2. Thanks so much for the award! You have the sweetest things to say about my blog and I love it πŸ™‚ And thanks for sending all these followers towards this new bloggers blog! I'm going to steal the little button you made of the puppy too.


    p.s.-literally laughed out loud at the part about using the BF as eyecandy, too funny!


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