The New Girl

It’s not feeling like summer at all here in Chicagoland. The clouds are out full force and the temperature is looming around the mid-fifities. So all that’s on my mind for this weekend is shopping and TV. Obviously stalking all of your blogs as well! One new show has got me so excited. Has everyone heard of Zooey Deschanel? She’s only the cutest indie-girl ever. She’s the type of girl I’d want to con into being my friend. She’s been in Yes Man, (500) Days Of Summer, and Your Highness. She was even in The Offspring’s music video for “She’s Got Issues” rocking a red wig. Why couldn’t my eyes look like that? Dammit, stupid genes of mine.

Below is a little preview of Zooey’s new show coming Tuesday night’s to Fox this fall – The New Girl. *insert squeals here* I hardly ever watch TV, and when I do I’m bored to death by the shows that are on. But, my friends, this show has me intrigued. Perhpas it’s because her nerdy character reminds me of myself making up a theme song for herself and doing embarrassing things with her glasses but whatever the case may be I will be watching this show. I just wonder where I can get three cute roommates like that who will sing “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” to me! You better not disappoint, Fox Broadcasting Network!

Has anyone noticed a trend with my favorite female celebrities? The dark hair, fair skin, blue eyes? I have those qualities, so I think I’m obsessed with the women that actually pull it off. Time to go visit a shrink.

What shows do you watch? Any shows you’re excited for? Actually, I don’t care. Will you be tuning in to this show or not?



  1. Rissy says:

    ahhh YES! I can not wait for this. She completely cracks me up! she seems like she'd be just a little off beat in real life, and I love it.

    The only non-embarrassing to mention shows I watch are The Office and Criminal Minds. Everything else is reality aka garbage : )



  2. Jordan says:

    zooey is my girl crush. Like, I want to be her she's that awesome. I'm so glad her show is not on the same night as her sister's so I can watch both!


  3. Judy B. says:

    Funny! I probably would never have watched without this vid. I'm a new follower from TGIF (#56 on linky). I could not resist following after reading your bucket list, plus you write very well (Oops a compliment).


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