For The Love Of Cupcakes

Happy Monday Y’all!

I am fairly sure that my brain has turned into marshmallow fluff so this will be a predominantly wordless post after this weeks events.

Confession: I β™₯ everything Cupcake!

Juicy cupcake charm

the cutest cupcake charms EVER! go check out this store now!

cupcake lip balm

cupcake key covers

teacupcake cake mold

cupcake tunic

cupcake beanie

cupcake whitey tighties

katy perry cupcake bra

my favorite cupcake recipe evereverever

thank you to Well Done Accessorize for letting me share your cute shop on my blog, go check out her Etsy store if you want a unique, adorable piece of jewelry.




  1. PorkStar says:

    Although I love sweets, I'm not too big on cupcakes, but interesting stuff about them haha. If only they had the same for apple pies and turnovers. They'd look weird though.


  2. Oh my goodness – this is heavenly! Everything either looks too cute or too delicious! LOL I love it!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I'm glad you did – you've got great content here!


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