Weight Woes

For those of you who have been reading my blog since I started (thank you and I’m sorry!), you know I have been saying I would like to lose a few pounds. Have I? Nope. And quite frankly, I’m sick of thinking about it!

I eat well, or this is what I paid an arm and a leg for a personal trainer to tell me at the gym. The gym that I no longer go to. I have been drinking insane amounts of water and tea. So now it appears to my coworkers that I have bladder problems. I may seriously just spring for some Depends so I don’t have to get up every 30 minutes. Lazy? No. Convenient? Yes. I eat about 5 very small meals a day. I run with my puppies every day, which they love. I really don’t want to pay for another fancy gym membership, I don’t have options around here. I live in the middle of nowhere.

Can I blame it all on that…or no?

Bottom line is: bikini weather is rapidly approaching and I would rather wear a baggy tshirt. No bueno! I really just want to be like many of my friends that inhale pizza and cupcakes and don’t gain a pound. If I even look in the general direction of a cupcake I can feel the calories multiplying in my ass. So apparently, the metabolism gods didn’t grace me, dangit!

So, as a fellow bloglady in need, please give me all of your weight loss secrets or even how you stay fit! It’s crunch time!

Has anyone watched the Audrina show? I kind of love her.



  1. Cori says:

    I too am unfortunately blessed with bad genes. You are not alone. Having a baby didn't help! But, I have found these things DID help when I lost my baby weight:

    – Eat a Fiber One bar when you are having a really bad craving. It is super filling; so, if you do end up giving in to your temptations, you may indulge less.

    – Don't eat after 9 pm, and don't eat carbs after 7 pm.

    – If you want it really bad, just do it (in moderation). It is better to get the craving out of the way, than to eat everything in sight to curb it.

    – I have never toned so much as I have with kickboxing and it burns crazy calories. I encourage you to check it out. Standing bags are only about $125. Gloves (not necessary) are only about $25. And, there are tons of non-corny routines on DVD/the internet.

    Hope that helps!


  2. Jessi says:

    Thanks so much, that helps a lot. Maybe I can just make my boyfriend stand in our living room and I can kick him instead of buying a bag? πŸ˜‰


  3. Tara says:

    Have you thought about buying/downloading P90X or the 30 Day Shred?

    I hate the idea of going to a gym. I go to yoga classes now but I used to just do them at home using OnDemand or a DVD; we also own a bowflex, which sounds silly but totally helps with arm toning. And it's a one-time investment for a number of years…I got mine in October 2007 and use it up to 5 times a week!


  4. vsteggs says:

    I feel your pain. Ever since I had my second I say that I have gotten lumpy. My mom used to tell me that there will come a day when I will weigh the same, but the weight will be distributed to other areas of my body. I am not ok with that! I too had a trainer (ouch on the bank account), and during the year (2x a week) with him….nothing happened! Nothing.
    I bought a treadmill to use at home, and after a week, it broke. I am starting to think I will never loose the lumps.
    I did join sparkpeople.com which is a free weight loss sight with tons of support. However, you have to be fairly self motivated for it.
    Keep in mind that having extra weight does not always mean you are unhealthy. The skinny girls in my office are far more unhealthy than the normal looking women.
    Take it slow and don't beat yourself up if you have something that's “bad” for you.


  5. Jessi says:

    @Tara: I did look at the 30 Day Shred. I have a friend that does the whole P90X thing but I still hadn't decided. I just started yoga classes and I definately feel sore afterwards.

    @V: Thanks! I will check out the sparkpeople.com…and you are right, I am probably healthier than my friends that eat terrible.


  6. Orlagh says:

    I feel your pain. Trust me I do. I joined weight watchers in February after I saw Jennifer Hudson. And all I can say is it works. I have lost 15 pounds since then with WW and exercise. I hate working out so I do things that I like, dance, spinning, yoga. I feel like with WW I have been able to eat/drink everything I want in moderation. I also look at all foods like they are points. You really don't realize how much that one bite of something or what you think is healthy is not. I have been a yo-yo dieter for years and I can honestly say that LOVE WW. It is realistic and I don't have to buy or do special things. xoxo -Orlagh


  7. Sasha says:

    It sounds like your doing everything right. Workout videos are awesome too. I do Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, I love that. And I do Bob Harper Yoga, seriously the most kick butt thing ever! I highly recommend that!


  8. Rissy says:

    I kind of love her too… and I want to say something semi-mean about her… but I won't… cause ya know I just not started following and don't want to give a bad impression ; )

    I am by no means fat and I know this… that's my disclaimer. However, I have some areas that need to disappear or decrease in size before bikini time.
    High fiber, low fat, high protein, low carb.
    That's all I got.
    Oh and I am OBSESSED with the steam fresh veggies… especially the ones that have seasoning already on them. I also put marinara sauce on veggies since I don't eat pasta when I'm up for a slim down ; )

    I was a dance major in college, so I've been weird about food my whole life from those damn full length mirrors. bleh.



  9. Jessi says:

    @Orlagh: Thanks, I may get started on that too. I have heard many good things.

    @Ashley: Glad I'm not the only one!

    @Sasha: I am going to check out the Bob Harper dude, I love yoga! Thanks lady!

    @Rissy: Blah, I don't exactly think I'm fat, I just need to tone up and exercise…I think. I wouldn't mind losing 10lbs. I love steamed veggies too!


  10. Jessica says:

    I feel your pain. I've lost 15 pounds since January, but I've had to work my ass off to get this far. And it definitely was NOT easy. I don't have any great advice, but this is what has worked for me. I use http://www.myfitnesspal.com where you can track your food and work outs, there is a calorie counter that helps you, its great. right now I am doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. And let me tell you, if you want a good work out, get the video, man does she work you out! The best thing about the work out is its only 20 minutes long, so its definitely doable. And I go to the gym a couple times a week as well. I have found that for me, I see the best results when I work out twice a day. Sometimes you have to switch up your exercise routine to see a difference. Zumba is great and fun too! Hope that was helpful!

    Thanks for visiting me over at http://sassysippycupsandstickysarcasm.blogspot.com/ I am now following you. Don't forget if you publicly follow me and leave a comment saying you do, you can have a chance to win my giveaway prize πŸ™‚



  11. I'm so with you! Honestly though, Weight Waters works for me when I stick to it. The first four weeks I stuck to it and lost 7lbs…then Easter came and I gained an lb. Since then I've been halfway on the WW diet and stayed the same. I'm trying to get back on the wagon. I just do the online program for three months (they always have deals – I paid about $60 for three months). Last time I lost and kept off 15 lbs so I know it can work for me.


  12. Pearl Y. says:

    Thanks for coming by my blog. My weight loss secret is, make sure your exercise is something you enjoy doing. I hate the gym and the machines, there's no fun involved. So instead, I go play sports! It's fun and relaxing. If you do it regularly (3 x a week), you can actually lose a lot! Of course, controlled eating is a huge plus!

    <3 always,


  13. Jessi says:

    @Jessica: Since you're the second person to tell me the try the 30 Day Shred, I am definately going to purchase it. Thank you m'am!

    @Leeann: That's not too bad! Thanks for the info!

    @Alexandria: You are welcome. And thank you.

    @Pearl: I prefer working out versus sports I think. If there's a ball involved it normally ends badly for me and possibly several other players. πŸ™‚


  14. Kody says:

    Jessi, I just started really consistently going to the gym and one thing I've found out from trainers is that you HAVE to lift weights and not to be afraid of bulking up. Muscle burns fat and for every lb of muscle you gain you burn a lot more calories just standing there. If you don't want to do that in a gym I recommend ChaLean Extreme which is an in-home product you can use, it comes with resistance bands if you don't want to purchase weights. Email me if you want more tips, I feel like I'm writing you a novel!


  15. There are no gimmicks. Just know what is in what you eat, no matter the time of day or any of that other nonesense. Learn general calories of foods (or weight watchers points) and just make sure you are taking in less than what you burn. That is the only true way to do it and to keep it off. It may sounds hard at first, but it becomes a habit. And no, it doesn't involve detailed calorie counting, just a good awareness of what you eat πŸ™‚
    I hope that things get a little easier for you. It sounds like you are doing everything right. Keep with it girl, if this is what you want, i know that is what you will achieve πŸ™‚


  16. Jessica says:

    I love the 30 Day Shred!! Drinking water is a great start and tea as long as it's real tea, not the Lipton or canned stuff.

    I love Audrina too! She's super cute. ❀


  17. I have been working on this too. I just started and so far no movement on the scale. I'm hoping it happens soon….I'm one of those that if I don't see immediate results I lose my motivation and say screw it πŸ™‚ So no advice here!


  18. Cori says:

    I am pretty strict about my weight. I use the Eat Clean Diet as a general guideline. I drink plenty of water and I exercise 5 days/week.

    Yoga is wonderful, it makes you stronger and makes you more flexible which can be useful so keep that up. πŸ˜‰

    Good luck girl!


  19. Hi Jessie,

    Thanks for visiting and following Your Southern Peach.

    I gained 50 lbs both pregnancies and have lost all of it both times with Weight Watchers online. (I did not even attend meetings)

    I did have to exercise too but I enjoy that!

    WW works if you follow the program and do not cheat. Good Luck and know that you are not alone.



  20. KY says:

    Are you eating the right combinations of foods? It is fine and dandy if you are eating 5 small meals a day, but try to focus on combining a complex carb and protein.

    Half a cup of steel cut oats, an apple, and 3 hard boiled eggs.

    Cottage cheese and pineapple chunks in their own juice

    Cheese and an apple

    Grilled chicken, greens, and a baked sweet potato.

    If you need more examples/meal plans feel free to email me, I have plenty!


  21. Lindsay says:

    I found your blog on ftlob. I love your writing style and blog design, and I can relate to your weight loss woes. I am learning, slowly but surely, it is not the number on the scale or the size of your jeans that matter, it is how you feel, both mentally and physically. If you fuel your body with healthy food, and occasionally with whatever treats make you happy, move it regularly, get lots of sleep, and know how to manage your stress, you will good about yourself inside and out, and realize that days of dreaming about being a size 2, or what have you, were ridiculous and counterproductive. Good luck with your journey!


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