Travel Tuesday: Vegas Flashback

Look like NY? Yeah, that’s cause we stayed at NY NY!
In September of 2009 (seems so long ago), Jose and I ventured to Las Vegas, Nevada for his birthday. In all honesty, we shouldn’t have gone because we hadn’t yet saved up enough loot to last us the weekend, but we went anyways. The airfare was cheap and so was the hotel. A few people had recommended the New York hotel to us, so I googled the shit out of it and decided it looked entertaining enough. And our trip was booked.

Neither of us had ever been to Las Vegas, and we had never been on vacation together so naturally we were giddy like little school girls. I had planned out our 3 day and 2 night stay. I hate to admit, that I even made a mini-map of the strip and wrote down what things I wanted to do at what hotels. Yes, I’m a nerd like that. Our flight was only 2 hours but it felt like forever. The view was gorgeous as we got closer…all the desert and mountains looked amazing. It was perfect, dry heat when we walked outside of the airport in Vegas. My hair thanked me – we hate humidity! We took a shuttle bus to NY NY and checked in. The casino was awesome – decorated with a NY theme and filled with the unhealthy sounds of habitual gambling. I loved it!

Our room was okay – no balcony, just big enough, but a rather small bathroom. But we weren’t planning on staying in there long anyways. We changed from our fall attire (it’s already chilly in September in Chicago!) and headed out to the strip, but not before stopping for a yard long margarita. One of the best things about Vegas? You can drink everywhere – and nobody looks at you funny when it’s only two in the afternoon and you’re guzzling your Pina Colada from your oversized mug.

We ventured across the skywalk from our hotel to the Camelot. What a DUMP. And that may be an understatement. It was littered with cops and young kids (like us!). We decide to try a penny slot and then be on our way. I am greeted by a chubby police officer the second my behind found the seat, he wanted to see my ID. What?! So I dig it out of my purse, embarrassed that a cop is bothering me in front of so many people. Apparently, the underagers frequent that hotel. The second I got my ID back we left and we did not return. Onwards to Mandalay Bay…that hotel was amazing! I would love to stay there. We had wanted to check out their huge shark tank but we were pinching pennies. le sigh.

We spent most of our time walking up and down the strip, checking out all of the hotels until it was time to get ready for dinner. We had reservations at Kokomo’s in the MGM, a friend has said they have the best steak, which Mr. Man loves. This was not our brightest hour. Perhaps if we had just won the jackpot it wouldn’t have been so bad. The food was great, but the check nearly made my dinner come right back up. We reluctantly put a decent chunk of our funds into the leather pouch and left. Buzzzzkilllll…oh wait – we couldn’t afford any alcoholic beverages there anyways.

Here’s the kicker: we went to our room for a “power nap” around midnight…we did a lot of walking! We didn’t wake up until six in the morning. My legs were itching like crazy. I felt like I had bugs crawling under my skin. I took a shower – then a bath, then I slathered on lotion. The itching didn’t stop. I woke up Mr. Man to tell him we had to run down the street to Walgreens for Benadryl cream. We walked all the way back to the hotel. I emptied the entire tube onto my legs and waited for relief. Nothing. I got ready and we went downstairs for breakfast. I couldn’t even concentrate on my delicious omelette, I was too itchy! I finally concluded on our second trip back to Walgreens, with a little help from the pharmacist, that I had a reaction to the detergent in the sheets. Weird. Never had the problem before. Now I pack bendryl and ask for hypo sheets.

The savior that day: Margaritaville in the Flamingo. I highly recommend! It was fun, the food was good and reasonable and the drinks were fantastic. The shows while your eating are fun to watch and it’s just a fun atmosphere. So what did we learn from Vegas? We made sure not to forget, because we will be going back for more.

we didn’t have a digital camera at the time…major bummer!

  • Eat at the buffets, the all-day packages are great!
  • Purchase yard long drinks for the long walks up and down the dtrip!
  • Go to a show!
  • Purchase all of your shot glasses at Walgreens, same as the hotels but cheaper!
  • Eat at Margaritaville!
  • Stay at a hotel with a pool – it’s hot mid-day!
  • Wait for free drinks while gambling, it saves you a lot of money!
  • Save up plenty off money…


  • Step foot in the Camelot or stay there for that matter!
  • Go to sleep early – Vegas is awake at night!
  • Gamble all of your money away!
  • Forget your camera!

My next trip I am definately going to ride the gondola ride in Paris, do the Skyjump, and probably stay at the Rio. Hopefully this trip happens sooner than later…



  1. Vic says:

    i love vegas but next trip needs to be just gals! me and hubs—-> not fun enough::) LOL never been to NY city and I'm a small town NY gal! this is not funny-a reaction to the sheets-well soap….ugh! i have sensitive skin and this never happened to me before…i always check sheets and stuff before getting settled. that shit better be top notch before i lay down! haha:) too bad you had to make trips to walgreens and itch…..that totally sucked!


  2. πŸ™‚ I've been to Vegas 5 times and I've love love loved it every time! Though I've definitely had trips where I learned some unfortunate lessons. Because I live on the east coast I usually go for 3 nights (flight isn't worth it otherwise!) and for that amount of time you really need at least $500 spending money…it's SO expensive out there. But so, so, soooo fun πŸ™‚


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog Jessi! Rio is awesome–we stayed there the first time we went to Vegas for my 21st.

    Our second time we went we stayed at the Stratosphere which had some great food but was a bit of a hike compared to everything else…I'd like to go back sometime soon, if nothing else but for the free drinks while gambling! They don't do that at casinos here in MO πŸ™‚


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