Spring Cleaning

Ugh, I despise cleaning. And that’s most likely a HUGE understatement. I procrastinate and procrastinate. It’s especially hard to clean up after a slobby Mr. Man and two messy dogs. Every time I turn around there’s dirty change on the counter and old receipts…and fuzz from dog toys on the floor. And some days I just say screw it. Then today’s the day I decide I must clean it all up. But not without some whining.

It’s starting to feel warmer here (55 degrees) and it’s giving me the itch to go shopping for some new clothes, even though I know it will be cold again before we know it (it’s is Illinois after all!). My new rule is when I bring something new in, something old must go out. If only I had a Carrie Bradshaw style closet…

I’ve got my eyes on some cute new sundresses. The bathing suits I am afraid to try on yet…though I will admit glancing through the Victoria’s Secret catalog eyeballing the crap out of some new swimsuits. I love the bright, neon colors and animal prints. More, please!

What’s your favorite place to shop? Any new spring trends you’re diggin’?



  1. Ashley says:

    I hate cleaning too, just so you know you're not alone! We just got our tax return and I really haven't been able to clothes shop for ages so I just got to go! I mostly went to Forever 21! Cheap and CUTE! I am really into scarves right now and boots, cause even tho spring is around the corner I couldn't bring myself to buy dresses or tank tops yet, oh well….
    stoppin by from the bloghop! Hope you will stop by and say HI! Newest Follower!!


  2. adrienzgirl says:

    Cleaning is soooo overrated. Just sayin'. Imagine five kids and just as many dogs. Ugh! Perhaps I have made some wrong choices along the way?

    Anycrazydecisions, I am really digging the cinnamon colors for spring. They really work for this redhead.


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog…love your blog..cleaning is completely stupid (so stupid that I am obsessive about it) in my opinion..but you have to do what you have to do right?? I love all the new sandals I have been seeing and all the soft colors


  4. Nightly Cafe says:

    I agree, cleaning is overrated. I once read that if you could go back in time, would you have wasted so much time cleaning or enjoying your life more? I say to heck with cleaning, let's enjoy life. I'm hopping in on Friday's hop. New follower.



  5. I seriously don't understand people who like/love cleaning. I procrastinate too, which is NOT good because we have three people (myself, my husband and my sister) living in our house…plus FOUR cats and two dogs! Speaking of which, we're behind on a good cleaning but supposedly my husband is going to give the house a good scrub while I'm away at a wedding this weekend πŸ˜‰


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