Snow Daze

Wow, February’s coming in like Godzilla!

It’s 3PM here in Chicagoland and the “blizzard” has begun to unleash it’s wrath on us. I’m just grateful that the company I work realized we are people before we are employees and closed down for today and tomorrow. So it’s SNOW DAYS for me!

If only Mr. man could be home instead of working so we could OD on hot chocolate and movies. There’s always gotta be something. I’ll be trying to take some pictures for you lucky lucky bloggers in warmer areas.

Good luck to everyone in the Midwest – stay warm and safe! Perhaps throw some bread crumbs out for the birdies… πŸ™‚

I’m just crossing my fingers I don’t lose power…what’s there to do during a snowstorm with no power?!



  1. Jessica says:

    Stay warm! We got our little bits of ice and snow over with early (hopefully) here in NC. Of course, I work for a tourist destination and if I-95 is clear, people are traveling, so no snow days for me this year.



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