The F-Bomb

I was getting my hair done by my friend the other day…oh, and on a side-note, I am a brunette finally taking a step in the blonde direction. It’s on the list, only color I haven’t tried. Why a process you ask? I’m trying to keep my hair long. We’ll see, this could go two ways: typical brunette going blonde, or good.

But back to my original point…we got onto the topic of swearing due to the nail-tech dropping the “f-bomb” more than once with a client loud enough for quite a few others to hear. I, personally, don’t give a f-ugh, well, you get my point, right? My hair guidance counselor made a comment about how unprofessional that was. I pondered this concept. I think nothing of swearing, it’s my way of life. Sometimes it’s how I get through my day and especially how I get through my commute to and from work.

We began discussing cursing. I explained my spin on it, despite the fact it normally seems strange to most. I’ll start off by telling you that I view my parents as the most wonderful parents on the Earth. If you had asked me when I was 16 I would have told you that I absolutely loathed them and that I was counting down the seconds until I turned 18. I would’ve told you I would’ve rather stood on a street corner on lower Wacker Drive to make enough money rent a schleppy apartment than stay at home with the parental figures. However, now that I’ve matured and stopped viewing milestones in my life as the piercings I acquired I began to realize how much I appreciate them.

But my parents were not very strict. My brother and I are smart enough and were raised well enough to pass on grass and things of that nature, but swearing we were allowed to embrace. I would like to thank my mother for teaching me my extensive vocabulary – when it comes to “swear” words. Perhaps my mom is just that “cool” or maybe she just thought there were far worse habits for us to pick up than cursing.

In fact, my mother one time told me that sometimes there’s just no better word than the F word. I couldn’t agree more. My friend told me that she’s astounded when her mom drops the F-bomb and finds it hilarious. When my mother swears I don’t even think twice. (And let me clarify that she’s far far far from a white-trash mother wearing a crop top that you expect to be holding a bottle of vodka in a paper bag and slurring her words.)

However, I get that most families are not as open with cursing as mine. Mr. Man’s family is much different from mine. Only the adults are allowed to swear…despite the fact we’re 22 and 23 we’re not adults in their eyes yet or something like that. Because he’s still his parent’s kid. So he can’t swear until…well, that’s morbid so we won’t quite go there.

What’s your family’s relationship with swearing?

Oh, and just so you know the only time I won’t swear is when children are around or elderly people…but some freak accident happens and I find myself in pain or something I don’t care how old you are so watch out!!!!



  1. Chloebaby says:

    I like it when people have a good vocabulary level. That way, when telling someone off they can use words and sentences that sound so intelligent even though they're telling the person they're a total jackass. Saying things like F this and F that and F you and F off… it's lame.


  2. Kate Rowan says:

    I think that using f*ck can really hit home with what you are trying to say, and sometimes that's really necessary. It can be a great word. But it can also be really redundant, especially coming from someone with such a limited vocabulary that they use it every other word.


  3. sunshine says:

    I'm not really into swearing, but sometimes depends of the occasion and situation using the word F*ck can really come in handy, LOL!
    ~Please check my blog, you have an award!~


  4. Eden says:

    I can be a total potty mouth. I know when to curb it though.

    I absolutely love the C-word. It just hits the right note and few other words can do that when I am less than chirpy!


  5. I love the f-word. It makes me ridiculously happy for no reason even though I realize it is an awful habit. My family however… would DIE if they knew that. I said “sucks” in front of my mom in the 6th grade and got my mouth washed out with soap… needless to say I try to be tame around her. I do remember her saying “sh*t” in front of me once and I still make fun of her about it to this day!


  6. Jessica says:

    My parents definitely don't swear and although I will drop the occasional word in front of them, but I try to keep in check in respect of them. I always felt swearing was unprofessional but then I worked for a NBC affiliate and MAN the cursing that goes on in a newsroom. After that I kinda picked up swearing at work; I try to keep that in check too.


  7. terri says:

    Hair Guidance Counselor – love it!!

    I am not a swearer, and find myself judging those that do (sorry…not proud of that). My parents always told me that those who weren't smart enough to have a vocabulary had to resort to swearing in order to express themselves.

    On the other hand, I know some brilliant people who swear like sailors! πŸ™‚


  8. Jill says:

    I drop the f-bomb way too often so I'm trying to clean up my mouth. But there are times when there's just no other sufficient word. My parents don't really say anything if my brother or I curse around them, though we try not to say anything too too awful.


  9. Anestazia says:

    When I was younger, cursing would be one of the last things I would do! Once I got a little older (jr. high & high school) I would occasionally say “bad” words around my mom, because I would say it so casually with my friends. She would flip out and tell me that people who talk like that sound ignorant. Now that I'm older, its not such a big deal. If I'm mad, especially at her, I'll be like “f-this, f-that, I'm f-in p***ed!” and she won't say a thing.

    It's weird when I visit my boyfriend though. He's the oldest of 4 kids. His brothers are both in high school and his sister is in 8th grade. They all curse, and his parents don't mind! It's just weird from me to listen to it, because I would expect them to get mad.

    I guess it just depends on your culture and what sort of meaning you put on those words.

    Anestazia <3


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