The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

il dolce far niente…the sweetness of doing n o t h i n g

Thanks, Eat Pray Love. Now I’m on a journey to learn how to enjoy…nothing. Sounds like loads of fun, right? But apparently, this is something I should really learn how to master due to my lack of funds and the simple fact that it’s below freezing here most of the time now…which limits my options.

So what exactly is doing nothing? I guess the important thing to realize is that it doesn’t give you a free pass to plant your ass in a recliner and watch TV the whole day. The point is that sometimes you have to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Perhaps the meaning is to take a walk on the beach, enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend, spend some quiet time at a library with a huge pile of books, or sip some wine on your porch while stargazing.

When was the last time you just sat and watched the sunset or even sunrise? Or just sat outside to look for a shooting star. I guess a valuable lesson to be learned is that there’s beautiful things all around us, and they don’t cost a thing.

Now is as good a time as any for me to learn how to slow down and appreciate everything. I’m just always on the go…it’s drive-through coffee shops, work work work, sleep and repeat. This really fits in with my recent Carpe Diem tattoo, right? Pure nothingness. But I guess that’s not exactly the point if I can say I enjoy my nothing-filled day, then it was properly seized. Right?

What do you do when you want to do “nothing”?



  1. great post. sometimes sitting around doing nothing makes you think a lot more and appreciate everything.

    i've stopped mid-shopping extravaganza to sit on a bench and just people watch…it's very entertaining and even inspiring!

    Thanks for sharing this πŸ™‚



  2. BelleinBows says:

    Ever since I saw Eat Pray Love I have tried to do nothing. It is hard, harder than I would imagine. I say if you enjoy your day, especially if it was filled with nothing then you have seized it.


  3. Jessica says:

    I've not really been successful at doing nothing. It feels like a waste of time. I always carry a book with me in case I find myself waiting in line or otherwise between things to do. I've not been very good at meditating either; I usually just fall asleep


  4. Hi there, I'm new to your blog (visiting from MWM); I always love a great blog title to lure me in. I'm so glad to have found your little space here, because your blog is adorable. It just seems to happy and inviting here.

    I've been searching for new blogs to read and only recently discovered this whole “blog-hop” thing. What a great way to gather so many creative and clever bloggers in one place. I'm a sucker for positive, uplifting, feel-good blogs and yours definitely fits the bill. Following you now – I look forward to learning more about you!



  5. Stephanie says:

    Last time I did absolutely nothing was oh-about a month ago. I sat on the fiance's aunt's porch at sunsetin a rocking chair overlooking her 50 acres of land watching the deer walk up to her feeder. It was so pleasant, now that I think about it and I should probably do that more often!

    Great post!


  6. I definitely have “doing nothing” periods in the winter. My longest was probably back at the end of 2008/beginning of 2009…I was living in CT and it was just SO COLD. We didn't go out–not to the movies, not for dinner, not for drinks, NOTHING except for work–for two straight months. We watched a lot of TV re-runs and movies and I took a lot of baths πŸ™‚ But it definitely helped with saving money!


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