Travel Tuesday’s: SKYJUMP

I was watching the Travel Channel, as usual, one night last week and they did a short blurb about the Stratosphere’s SkyJump in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was love at first sight. Free falling from the 108th floor of a Las Vegas hotel?! Count me in. “It provides the highest controlled free fall in the world.” {source}

Interested? You take an elevator ride to the very top of the Stratosphere Tower and get into a jumpsuit. Before you can even take the massive jump you must take a safety lesson (why I’m not sure because if something goes wrong that high up you’re pretty much f*cked). You’re connected to a “descender”, whatever that means, and then it’s time to jump off the platform, or shit yourself. Either way.

You then plummet 855 feet…108 hotel floors. That’s the ultimate rush. I’m already trying to figure out to get my ass there stat and saving up $115 so I can show everyone a DVD of my pure insanity.

Would YOU try the SkyJump while in Vegas?



  1. Jessica says:

    Bert the Conquerer did it on one of his shows. When I was in Vegas I didn't know about this (although I knew about the rides up top). They had it in New Zealand and I didn't think it was very interesting, I thought it was more like bungee jumping, but when I saw Bert do it I thought that it looked way better than bungee jumping, (no harsh jerk) and even better than skydiving because you have the free fall, but not the jerk of the parachute and then 5 minutes of swaying back and forth to the earth. Its on my list of things to do in Vegas when I return!


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