My First Tattoo

#8. Get a tattoo – done!

I have always loved tattoos. I love everything from pin-up girls and fancy text to cutesy, colorful tattoos. I’ve probably come up with 50 ideas in the past, but when it came down to it, I could never committ.

A month ago, I decided I really wanted to get Carpe Diem written on the back of my neck. Every time I went to go, something popped up. My dog becoming deathly ill, my car accident, and I put my mini tattoo on the backburner.

I had planned on going to my boyfriend’s brother’s tattoo artist because I like his tattoos. So, his brother texted me on Friday asking if I was ready for the pain. I said yes, and so it was final. No wimping out now. But I had some last minute decisions to make – where and what text?

I finally decided the best spot would be on my wrist. Why? I need a constant reminder to “seize the day”…as I eat potato chips on the couch and watch Talladega Nights. The text I never really decided on.

I wasn’t nervous until I got in my car to leave. And I don’t know if nervous is the right word, perhaps I was just anxious, I had the butterflies. This is my first tattoo after all. And all day my coworkers told me “it hurts like a bitch”…this is the same thing that happened with all my piercings and I never thought they hurt that bad.

We met my boyfriend’s brother at the tattoo shop and the boys all small talked for much longer than necessary thus building up my anticipation. And I had 3 sets of eyes on me. The artist drew some font for me, and placed the stencil on wrist. Only he had it facing outwards. I made him fix it to face me. Oops. And then we were off.

I honestly did not think it hurt that badly, however, I can imagine how sore you’d be if you got a huge tattoo. I like it a lot, but I’m picky so I’ve already nit-picked it a little too much. I’m already thinking off add-ons.

this was taken right after I took my wrapping off

You only live once; but if you live it right, once is enough.



  1. Jessica says:

    I got my tattoo 11 years ago. I had always been told that when you get one, you want another but one was enough for me. I like it, its on my hip and I drew it so its original, but I don't need another. Congrats!


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