List of Fours

I was tagged by Alison at Life and Times of Alison & Justin. I just discovered her blog and if you haven’t already checked her out you really should. She has a very cute blog!

List of Fours

1. Four shows that you watch:
~ Sons of Anarchy
~ The Buried Life
~ Samantha Brown (travel channel)
~ Paula’s Home Cooking

2. Four things you are passionate about:
~ My family
~ My boyfriend
~ My puppies, Jay and Junior
~ Animals

3. Four words/phrases you say a lot:
~ The awful “F” word is my favorite…
~ Carpe Diem
~ Oopsie! (I have bad luck…)
~ Does a Snookie-like (but less annoying if possible) whining noise count?!

4. Four things you’ve learned from the past:
~ Don’t sweat the small things.
~ My parents are always right…and it sucks.
~ Karma always comes back around.
~ Not everyone makes a good friend, and you can’t feel bad moving on.

5. Four places you would like to go:
~ Nice, France
~ Hawaii
~ Fiji
~ Mexico

6. Four things you did yesterday:
~ Wayyy too much laundry
~ Wrapped some Christmas presents
~ Played with my pups in the snow
~ Spent too much time reading blogs

7. Four things you are looking forward to:
~ Valentine’s Day in Wisconsin Dells
~ Ice skating downtown (Chicago)
~ Christmas!!!!
~ Our couple’s “photoshoot”

8. Four things you love about Winter:
~ Warm drinks
~ driving in the snow
~ Snuggling with my dogs
~ Apple cinnamon candle take-over in my apartment
~ Egg Nog Shakes at McDonalds

9. Tag 4 people to play along:
Sunshine at Such Life In The Tropics
Kayla at The Eclectic Element
Julie at Create Fabulous [Everything]
Sara at Our Breezy Beach Life



  1. Jessi says:

    Ah I can't belive you guys haven't tried an eggnog shake! We even have commercials here for them, so I get cravings and purchase far too many…go to McDonald's and get one! So good!


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