Make That A Cali King

I got off of work later than usual last night (damn holiday hours!) and hurried home to bury myself under my blankets and hibernate. It’s 7 degrees here! I drank a cup of tea because apparently this is my new obsession and checked out some new blogs. I wasn’t feeling tired anymore, which was awesome. Not.

So, eventually when my eyes started feeling droopy I squished myself into my bed between Mr. Man and the pups. We have the same set-up every night: me on the left, Mr. Man on right, Jay lays curled up in a ball nestled against my stomach (he even likes to get under the covers), and Junior scratches his bed between my legs. So, as you can imagine, I can barely move. But my babies look so comfortable I just can’t bare to move them. Therefore I’m used to waking up with Junior’s head on my ass, Jay’s paws wrapped around me, and Mr. Man’s nearly hanging off the bed. This is our nightly ritual.

Last night, I made an attempt to find my inner Cesar Millan and establish my dominance over Jay by lightly moving him over just a little (real dominant, I know). All I wanted was my damn pillow, and preferably without Jay breathing/snoring right into my face! Just as I was beginning to drift off to sleep, Jay rolls over to face me (with his eyes closed) and he stretches his back paws up so they’re nearly up my nose. He wrapped himself into an adorable bundle of furbaby. I just stared at him. Then he decides since that worked he can get away with scooching over some more and steal more of my pillow.

And so now I’m realizing how this works. He takes a little puppy nap, waiting patiently for me to get just deep enough into sleep that he can push me over so he can lay his head in the middle of my pillow and stretch out under the blanket. And so I make my way over to steal Mr. Man’s pillow.

Thus none of us sleep. No matter we’re always so grumpy and tired. We can blame it on Jay! That spoiled rotten dog! So what am I going to do about this? Nothing… just save up for a king sized bed.

Better yet, make it a Cali King!

Live as you will wish to have lived when you are dying.



  1. jennykate77 says:

    Believe me, a king size bed STILL won't be big enough!! We have a big black lab and we used to have her sister, and before we had human babies, they slept with us…in a king size bed. We still woke up every morning hanging half-way on the bed, no pillow, no blankets, with both dogs comfortably snoozing away…on our pillows and blankets. Oh, and they were just puppies at the time. I can't imagine what that would be like today! Now, we have a six year old who wonders into our room in the middle of night and steals the pillows and blankets. Never gets better! πŸ™‚


  2. Nikki says:

    That picture is so cute!! I think everyone has crazy sleep with pups. Mine likes to sleep on between my legs or curled up next to me, but if he decides he wants his space and gets off the bed, I am always sad when I wake up and he isn't there. I'd rather cuddle and have no room, hehe!


  3. Thanks so much for dropping by my Holiday Blog Hop- I hope you will be able to make the online radio show Wednesday for our Holiday Party.

    I can sympathize with you- we have a black lab/boxer/something mix and a Jack-a-Poo.

    The lab takes up 1/2 the bed. We both have to push with our feet to get him to move- he usually gives up and lays on the floor.

    The Jack- a-poo could be under the covers at the bottom of the bed, on the pillows, wherever…

    I posted a couple of cute pics of them on my blog a day or so ago….


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