Favorite Friday

The best part of my day lately was coming home to a clean apartment, otherwise I wish I would’ve stayed in bed this past month.

On my way to work, I was just driving, listening to the new Taylor Swift CD and minding my own damn business when some bitch pulls out of a subdivision and right into me!!!! Then she continues driving…I honk about 4832742 times and yell (as if the girl can hear me) PULL OVVVVVVER NOW YOU DUMB *insert about 68 swear words here*. Finally, the girl pulls over and the first words out of her mouth are “don’t worry there’s no damage”.

Oh. Really? Awesome. I’m really glad she can tell this from the driver’s seat without even looking at our cars at all. I grunted and checked my passenger side. Scratched and paint transfer down the whole side. NO DAMAGE? This chick must be blind. And she better hope she is, considering she pulled right into me. She proceeds to tell me she has to go to work. She doesn’t have time. I was about to punch her in her face. No time?! Then maybe next time you pull out from your mommy’s house pay attention and you won’t get held up. Makes sense, right?

So, I had to force her (as nice as possible) to allow me to see her insurance info. I made her call my phone. And she drove off. The kicker is that I have a loaner car from a dealership because my truck’s frame has to be replaced due to a recall. I couldn’t have better timing….not!

This is such a pain in the ass. I’ve spent the past month back-and-forthing with insurance agents who seem to be completely clueless. But aside from that glorious drive to work…

I have discovered Renuzit Scent Crystals and I think I’m in love.



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