Travel Tuesday’s MIAMI

This past August, I ventured to Miami. First off, don’t go to Florida in hurricane season unless you won’t mind missing out on the sun. This kind of ruined it for me. It was cloudy 80% of our trip and the sand being churned up in the water by the rough waves wasn’t great either. The ocean does not look as pretty when that happens.

We stayed at the Fontainebleau (pronounced fountain). We loved the hotel, it was gorgeous and the decor was so neat. But the location was not good unless you have tons of money to spend blow on cab fare or you don’t mind staying at the hotel the whole time. Lincoln Avenue is where the shops are at, but you really want to be on Ocean Drive for the clubs and cafes. So all this means is that I learned and now I need to drag Boyfriend back for a weekend getaway….eventually.

It’s been months, and I had purchased a photo album while there, but I had yet to go through all of them and print them out. So, I finally did on my lazy Sunday and I realized I never shared them with you! (Assuming you care…)

So here we go…

a little lizard sunbathing with us

in our hotel…looked much cooler in person

ahi tuna at Vida…so good

coconut cake…i still crave it

this was our hotel lobby

the pool at night

sealion at the seaquarium

the view from the pool

see what i mean by merky water?

this was the most amazing pool

this was right before i got sand in my crotch…

my dolphin ride…faster than i thought…note my face!

highlight of my trip!

I can’t say Miami is my favorite vacation spot, but I wouldn’t mind going back now knowing how to do it right and where to stay.



  1. A Watson says:

    Hey there! Thanks so much for following! Sorry its taken me so long to respond…I havent been blogging and have been crazy busy. But love your blog and your pictures are great!!!

    xoxo Alexandra
    A Watson Blog


  2. Jessica says:

    The first time I went to Miami, I went to Miami Seaquarium to swim with the Dolphins too! It was also January, but nice enough to lay out, which is awesome. My second time in Miami was this past April and I was only there for one night; it was okay but I suspect I may not be the Miami type.

    Your hotel DID look really cool by the way. I love all of the Art Deco in Miami/South Beach


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