Rough Week

I’m not sure where to start but a couple weeks ago, some dumb bitch ran into my loaner car while I was minding my own business rocking out to the new Taylor Swift CD. Of course this couldn’t have happened in my truck. (Damn you, Toyota, for all the truck recalls!!!!) I wanted to punch her in the face due to her sheer stupidity but, she’s not exactly worth the jail time. She’s saying it’s my fault, of course. I’m hoping the truth prevails.

So, as if going back and forth between insurance companies is not enough, my job is stressing me out more than usual lately. Happy Holidays to all you rude people that have been making my life a living H-E-double-hockey-sticks lately. Time to really think about where I want to be in 10 years. And this makes me realize I really need to get my ass back in college. Procrastination at it’s finest right here.

We’ve had to set back our plans to find a house another year or until we can figure our lives out a little bit. As if we’ll ever be able to figure that out.

I had a major “case of the Mondays” this past Monday (duh, what other day would it be…) and nearly had a mental breakdown. Or I did. I’m not exactly sure. I came home to my little Junior in our room who had shit all over the floor and ripped our clothes off of the hangers in the closet. I sat down on the floor and cryed. Then I felt a little better. Then I called my mother for a pep talk which seemed to work.

And so, my apologies for the lack of posts lately, and for this half-ass update. I really do not wish to rehash all of these lovely happenings. I’m taking tomorrow to eat far too much and then I’ll be renewed (and perhaps 10lbs heavier) and ready to wow you.

Well, maybe not wow you, but atleast update more frequently and get out there and enjoy my life.

I hope everyone is having a better week than me, and I hope you all have a very very very Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. Liz says:

    GO BACK TO COLLEGE!!! I am and I couldn't be happier! Case of the Monday's… oh boy. Did you have a cover sheet on your TPS report? πŸ˜‰

    Happy Thanksgiving and here's wishing it goes wonderfully for you!



  2. Jessica says:

    Must be something in the air because I could have punched some body yesterday and I couldn't even tell you why I was so angry. And I've spoken with a couple of other people that were having pretty craptastic weeks. We'll just have to push through!


  3. Eden says:

    Sorry Jessi but these ups and downs do happen, and at those points everything often seems against you. Perhaps its also because winter is coming around. The season affects moods like nothing else!

    Hope you'll be good and look forward to your usual posts soon!



  4. Wow what a week! and how horrible for you to have to experience some these things, especially the car incident. So here is my glass half full view at your week..

    How awful to have to deal with the frustration of insurance companies ~ however, how ownderful that you are were not injured and that you do have insurance.

    It is never a pleasant experience having to deal with unhappy people ~ that is why they are rude. Send them peace and love , that they find there way. Be thankful that things mut be going not too bad in your own life , that you are able to see their behaviour for what it is, lack of peace within themselves.

    Going back to college is fantastic! no matter what detours life send you on, no one can ever take your knowledge away from you. How great that going back to college is an option you have!!

    Sometimes we all need a good cry, it actually helps detox our bodies. As for Junior , keep closet doors closed πŸ™‚ Thankfully he did not hurt him/her self or eat anything that could have resulted in huge Vet bills or wosrse.

    Yes , you may have had a less that easy week.. but how wonderful that you have a parent, who will listen and be supportive….

    I hope this has made you smile and helped you to see that perhaps things aren't so bad. Believe me I have had those kinda weeks … but Have decided to take a half full glass approach to things.

    Here's to a great week ahead!! HHL


  5. Aimee says:

    Wow I am sorry that you have had such a horrid week. Hopefully the holidays treat you better.

    Damn I hate accidents and I hate when people blame the accidents on you. And working with multiple insurance companies is just a nightmare.

    I hear you on th whole “to go back to school or not” debate. Its something I have been having with myself lately. So the the “not” is winning. Hopefully whatever you choose will be good.

    Im glad your momma's pep talk worked.


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