Favorite Friday!

I just bought these Bearpaw boots today. And I am too excited!

I will admit when the Uggs first became really popular, I didn’t see the appeal. And I especially wasn’t paying $250 for shoes that had a cheap-ass foam bottom. Hello! I live in Chicago where after wearing them just a few times in the snow-covered streets they would be ruined and I would be out all my precious money that I didn’t have to begin with.

And then came all of the knock-offs. Last year I got a pair of Brunby boots for Christmas and I was hooked on the comfort and my toes were thanking me for their warm, snuggly bed of fuzzies to rest in. Although I love my Brunby’s, and their sole was higher quality, I am now in love with the Bearpaws.

Their comfortable, and the outsole is rubber!!!!!!! No cheap foamy bottom – this is a real shoe! No slipper-hybrid here, my friends. And so when I came across the leopard print to set me apart just a little from your typical Ugg-wearing ladies, all I could say was MIIIIIINE!



  1. -Sam I Am- says:

    Girl, sometimes.. a girl just needs a good pair of uggs!! So I hear ya πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for your lovely words. I seriously am so glad you stopped by because I cannot wait to keep up with all your works!!


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